Recommended Fanfics: Gokusen – ShinKumi

Happy Saturday, everyone!!! So glad it is, the last few days have been just soo hectic….

Finally had a chance to organize my cluttered bookmark list in Firefox. I was quite surprise to see how many sites had accumulated — references to projects/papers I had researching for graduate school, attention-grabbing articles, etc. Near the bottom of the list was a compilation of interested fanfics, mostly Jdrama/anime related. I’ll share a few of my favorites throughout the week. They’re quite well-written and holds the true dynamics of the characters. Today, I’ll start with Gokusen, the Shin and Kumiko pairing:

Gokusen: Shin x Kumiko

  1. True Confessions by Kiya Sama – Completed
  2. 30 kisses – Sawada x Yankumi theme by Moon Klutz – Completed
  3. Stories of Ourselves by Maresia Eterna – Completed
  4. Follow Our Memories (Sequel to Stories of Ourselves) – by Maresia Eterna – In Progress
  5. Don’t Stand So Close by BlackFire696 – In Progress
  6. Between the Two of Us by CornflowerBlue – In Progress
  7. Reward by shirotora-san – In Progress

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