Woot, Hakuoki PSP released today

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom

Kyaa~~ I cannot tell you how psyched I am that Hakuoki PSP is being released today in North America. I’ve been an avid fan for almost 1 1/2 year now and cannot get my hand on an actual copy. You now know where my time will be spent for the next several weekends. Thank you soo soo much, Aksys Games for doing an awesome job on the localization.

I had ordered via Amazon, they will be sending the shipping tomorrow. I have no complaints and willing to twirl my fingers in the mean time. It can also be purchased at GameStop, please do give the game a try, I’m sure that you wouldn’t regret. Hopefully the sales will be promising so another similar game will be released by them.

Oh btw, Mandrarke finally had a Hijikata Toshizo figure for a reasonable price. I was able to snatch it from them, have been eyeing for one for ages now. It’s being shipped as I am typing this! *little happy dance* You can view a few images of him here, isn’t he so smexy?! ❤❤

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