Miki Shinichiro Challenge Month: Day 13

Day 13: Another seiyuu that you would like Miki Shinichiro to work with at least once

I had to think long and hard on this one since there are quite a few on my mind, narrowing to just one was a task. I did a little research and reviewed the list of co-stars that Miki-sama had worked with previously. To my surprise, a seiyuu on my list which had never collaborated with my beloved. He is Hirata Hiroaki, who recently won Best Voice Actor Award at the Tokyo Anime Fair for his awesome role as Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny). Congrats to him, it was definitely well deserved! :up:

Anyway, I’m sure their teamwork/chemistry would be astonishing, both are quite talented and versatile. I would be truly ecstatic if this was ever announced. XD I have no specific characters in mind, maybe they be partners in crime, rivals or enemies. Just having Miki Shinichiro and Hirata Hiroaki credited for the same series would have me dancing for days.

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