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Miki Shinichiro Challenge Month: Day 15

Day 15: Something that left you in awe

This is a clip from the Live Pastel Collection 2004 event where Miki-sama and Morikawa Toshiyuki did a live reading session of Fuyu No Semi as Kusaka Touma and Akizuki Keiichirou, respectively

Their performance was remarkable and beyond phenomenal, I had watched it a few months ago, feeling quite in awe and still the same now! XD It was truly epic, the emotional aspect was expressed beautifully and passionately, doesn’t it just pull your heart strings? Both of them were amazing and able to transition into the next act so perfectly and flawlessly. The closure was quite adorable with the comedy bit as they portrayed Katou Youji and Iwaki Kyousuke from Haru wo Daiteita, it had me all tickled pink! ❤❤

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