Miki Shinichiro Challenge Month: Day 16

Day 16: Favorite AMV of your OTP that Miki Shinichiro had voiced

Without a doubt, my OTP is Hijikata Toshizo (土方歳三) and Yukimura Chizuru (雪村千鶴) from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (anime and video game).

Although, he acted in dismay when Chizuru’s involvement with the Shinsengumi, her safety and welfare were always his priorities. He was trying to keep her away from danger, ne?! His caring, considerate and protective nature toward her is truly sweet. :blush: Kyaa~ Toshi is simply gorgeous with his exquisite violet eyes and silky, exotic black hair, don’t you agree? XD

Here’s a beautiful AMV of Tosshi x Chizuru, created by the awesome and talented Kik0TsukinO:


BTW, I have a fanlisting for this pairing found here. Shameless advertising is love, ne?.

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