Miki Shinichiro Challenge Month: Day 20

Day 20: Post an image of your fifth most favorite character that Miki Shinichiro had portrayed

Hmm…I will go with Tsuzuki Asato who is the protagonist from Yami no Matsuei.

Tsuzuki has a sweet, laid-back personality and loves food, especially apple pie and sake. He constantly acts immature and whines about work. However, he is truly caring and protective of the people he love, as well as, the victims of his cases. Despite being the most cheerful person in the series, his past is dark, complexed and sinful.

Tsuzuki is quite intriguing and looks quite smexy ne…and along with the complicated plot, involving deep emotions, this series keeps you wanting more. I do hope one day that Matsushita Yoko-sensei will be able to conclude it. Then, maybe a second second of the anime can be produced and Miki-sama can Tsuzuki again. XD

This is his chibi version from the anime, isn’t he just adorable?

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