Arashi’s upcoming single chosen as theme song for drama Kagi no Kakatta Heya

On April 5th,the new Fuji TV drama ‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya‘ held a press conference in Tokyo, where they announced that Arashi’s upcoming single “Face Down” has been chosen as the drama’s theme song. The protagonist of the drama, Ono Satoshi, attended this conference with co-stars Toda Erika and Sato Koichi.

With “Face Down”, Arashi set a new record by providing the theme songs for a ‘Getsu9′ drama for two seasons in a row. Last drama season, the group’s 37th single “Wild At Heart” was the theme to Matsumoto Jun’s drama ‘Lucky Seven‘.

At the conference, Ono commented on his single “Face Down”, “Fitting in well with this drama, the lyrics are mysterious. That is brand-new for us. Arashi has been singing many kinds of songs, and this new single makes me feel like we’re seeing a new side of Arashi.‘ Sato Koichi agreed, “The song goes well with the drama“, while Toda Erika stated, “This is a really cool song. It makes the drama world seem like it’s expanding, and it raises my spirits.”

This mystery drama is about Emoto Kei, played by Ono, who is an employee of a major security company. He’s requested to solve mysteries related to cases that are only known of behind closed doors. Toda’s role is Aoto Junko, a beautiful lawyer who helps out with the mystery solving. Soto will play the role of elite lawyer Serizawa Go, who belongs to the same company as Aoto.

‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya’ is scheduled to air April 16th, Monday 9:ooPM JST.

From Tokyohive

I’m excited for this one, detective dramas are always fun to watch, ne! Doesn’t Oh-chan look smexy with his glasses?! I wonder what type of song this one will be, just cannot wait but April 16th seem so far away though.

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