Recommended Fanfics: Ren x Kyoko from Skip Beat!

Happy May, minna-san! I’m sure life is treating everyone well; it’s been busy, busy on my end but still quite enjoyable! For today’s recommended pairing fanfics, I’m going to present Tsuruga Ren and Mogami Kyoko from one of my favorite shojo manga/anime, Skip Beat!

I truly believe that Kyoko is perfect for Ren. His spirits (good or bad) were almost immediately lifted upon her arrival after being soul-less for so many years due to a number of factors from his past. On the flip side, Ren symbols as a pillar of strength for Kyoko; he tends encourages her try harder, in hopes that she will becoming successfully in the future and eventually surpass him. He also notes to her that goals should not be driven by something superficial like revenge; it should be for herself and no one else. In additional, locked/hidden emotions of the two gradually surface as time goes on, these of which can only be provoked by one other. It’s more than love, ne?!

Don't they just make one sweet and adorable couple?

  1. Immune by Bobapearl (Completed)
  2. The CoStar Killer by momoirousagichan (Completed)
  3. Just a Dream by Yuzuyu-chan 21 (Completed)
  4. Love Is Bullshit by kurushi (Completed, One-shot)/li>
  5. Unexpected Surprise by Sango51893 (Completed, One-shot)
  6. The Envelope by chocolatexlover (Completed)
  7. Time to Suck out the Poison by Bobapearl (Completed)
  8. Skip Engagement by AnimeOtaku4444
  9. Always Be My Baby by Kris Black
  10. Baby Ren by ZionX
  11. 6. 8. 12. by buloy
  12. Ludwig’s Metronome by oneleggedstraycat

4 thoughts on “Recommended Fanfics: Ren x Kyoko from Skip Beat!

  1. I am sango51893 and seeing that someone recommended my story filled me with glee! I know I have had issues with spelling and grammar, but knowing that more people are reading my work is a great feeling.

    1. Hi sango51893! Thank you for your comment. Your story is adorable and wonderful, definitely worth sharing! I tend to go back and re-read it when there is a lack of good ones to be found on It fills the void that all Ren and Kyoko fans yearn for since their romance in the manga is so slow-paced. I hope that you will write another one when you the chance, I would be the first in line to read it.

  2. Have you read ‘The Magic of Her’? It’s not finished but it’s really brilliant and worth it. I promise.

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