Matsumoto Jun Challenge Month: Week 1

Woot, it August and everyone knows its Jun-kun month! XD I’m going do another monthly meme so four weeks for my darling from Arashi.

Week One: Post one of the first pictures that you had collected of Matsumoto Jun.

Suave and charming as always! :blush:
My beginnings with Jun-kun was from his Jdrama, Bambino. One of a few Japanese artists that I found smexy at the time besides Tamaki Hiroshi. Yeah, my eyes probably needed to be checked, you should see my list now. LOL Honestly, Jun-kun was my first in all sorts of things such as love for JPop and Arashi; artist crush that was younger than I was; knowing what JE was; Japanese variety shows, etc. I always wondered where would I be without you, truly happy that Matsumoto Jun was introduced into my life! XD Thank you!!

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