Matsumoto Jun Challenge Month: Week 2

Week 2: Top 10 favorite Matsumoto Jun quotes

I had collected quite a few over the past years from his magazine interviews and variety shows. They are mostly for inspiration, but we can see that Jun-kun can be hilarious at times, as well as, Arashi being his one true love. XD Here are mine in no particular order, I don’t recall the sources so please let me know if you do:

  • “I want to be me, I can only be me. Whatever it is, I want to understand it by seeing it with my own eyes, by hearing it with my own ears.”
  • “The most important thing in bringing happiness is that you’re ready to do it, you want to do it, and you’re determined to do it.”
  • “To move into the future, a bit of recklessness is necessary.”
  • “Romance is something that you have grown, love is something that you are growing.
  • “Maybe I’ll be called a crybaby, but I don’t want to lose my tears, my life would become too bare without tears”
  • “Records can be erased and replaced, but memories will remain.”
  • “So while I’m thirsty, there is a need to continue living. If I’m ever completely soaked, I feel like the end is near. This is when we realize that we have become fully satisfied, I wish to become that.”
  • “There is no way that something that can’t be touched by hand would be okay to be inserted to the mouth.”
  • “Well… Arashi might not really realize it right now, but we’ve created a wonderful family, seriously.”
  • Whether it’s a party or a group date, if “ARASHI” is put on at karaoke, I think the five of us will get pumped up on our own, won’t we? We’ll leave those around us behind (laugh)!

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