Matsumoto Jun Challenge Month: Week 4

Week Four: A to Z of Matsumoto Jun

A: A (Blood type)- Technically, it’s the super rare Rh negative.
B: Boku wa Imōto Ni Koi wo Suru, 2007 – First lead role in a theatrical film.
C: CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) – His character in Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru was diagnosis with this illness.
D: Darts – Favorite past times which he had grown to love since his Gokusen days.
E: Eyebrow Mascara – Starred in a CM featuring the KOSE FASIO‘s product.
F: Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 3 – First lead role in a television series.
G: Gakki – Co-starred with her in a TBS drama series, Smile.
H: Harry Potter – Big fan of the franchise.
I: Iza, Now! – Arashi 2004 Concert Tour
J: J – Nino’s nickname for him
K: KichiToka workroom’s Sound of Waves – Another love of his, watched it over 4 times.
L: La Familia – First solo song which he had contributed lyrics to.
M: Michael Jackson – Huge fan of the international superstar.
N: Nearsighted
O: Onzen (Hot springs) – Interested in them since his 27th birthday, Ohno-chan had given him vouchers as a present.
P: Photography
Q: Quaffer – He enjoys a good bottle of wine any day and drinks it heartily. (I wasn’t able to find any Japanese words starting with this letter. LOL)
R: Right-handed
S: Sato Atsuhiro of Hikaru Genji – Special senpai since they both share the same birthday and interests.
T: Turtles – Nino’s present to him when they were young. Last that I hear that they were still healthy and growing strong.
U: Utawara Hot Hit10 – Co-hosted with Matsuura Aya and Wada Akiko.
V: Virgo
W: West Side Story – 2004, Butai which he co-starred with Riida and Sho-kun.
X: Xenophilia – He is affectionate toward for unknown objects or people.
Y: Yamaguchi Tatsuya oF TOKIO – Surfing mentor
Z: Zealous – He has great enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

Happy MatsuJun Day again!

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