Recommended Fanfics: Zoro x Sanji from One Piece

While still in the ZoSan or SanZo mood, I had updated the fanfic recommendation page via my new fanlisting for the pairing. I decided to share the compilation here as well since it’s pretty comprehensive. Hehe…you can tell by the list that my admiration for them is tremendous. What is not to love of Zoro and Sanji? Their never-ending rivalry, childish bickering, unparalleled strength and nakama-ship. XD So here is to my first yaoi/shonen-ai recommendation list:

Source: Zerochan

3 thoughts on “Recommended Fanfics: Zoro x Sanji from One Piece

  1. hey this is your fic so I wanna to say it’s good fic and thanks to wrote
    Oke I want to cop your fic and translate english to vietnamese for every fangirl in vietnam can read your fic and know u. I wil write u are writer n I trans your so don’t worry I am not rob it lol okey?? So if u agree u can tell me in my email: okey? Thanks lol

    1. Hey Sindy, this is only my list of recommended ZoroSan fanfics, I did not write any of them. If you wish to translate them to another language, please contact the author directly. Happy Reading.

    2. Hi Sindy! Soooo sorry that I took this long to write back. I have no problems with you translating my fanfic, let me know which one and if you are still interested and where your website is so I can give in a few words good words.

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