Stunning Hijikata x Chizuru fanart by RETRO★HERO

I’m sure that most Toshi and Chizuru fans are familiar with artist, Aeri Kajiwara (かじわら), who is associated with the doujinshi circle, RETRO★HERO. Her artwork is quite similar to Yone Kazuki (artist to video game, Hakuouki) and might be mistaken to be from the original. This was an oversight of mine as well at the very first glance, but afterward an in-depth review, you can definitely recognize the differences.

Kajiwara-sensei’s drawings are beautiful, classy and charming; you would easily be mesmerized by the tender and gentle moments captured. The facial expressions for her characters are defining yet delicate. Their clothing are brushed in with care and detail along with the usage of the soft and gentle color palette. While backgrounds are minimal, they serve as a nice accessory to the main focus.

Most of Kajiwara-sensei’s work online are PG-13, however, you can easily find R rated doujinshi if you shop at a store that carries this type of media. I do not own any at the moment, but would love to grab a few whenever I visit Japan. XD

Aeri Kajiwara/RETRO★HERO: Pixiv | Official website

蝦夷夫婦 by かじわら on pixiv

ちーむ箱館 by かじわら on pixiv

それは甘い契約 by かじわら on pixiv

蝦夷夫婦恋日和 by かじわら on pixiv

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