4 thoughts on “Arashi Challenge Month: Day 16

  1. Hello!
    Just wanna say we share the love for this photo! This was also my Arashi Challenge pic for Nino and basically made the same Tony Leung and ITMFLreference!^^

    1. Konnichiwa! That’s awesome, I wouldn’t have never thought anyone else would have made the ITMFL reference with the same photo. Certainly a small world, ne? I bet it was the slick hair and cigarette, had to look twice to make sure it was our Nino-chan. LOL I am so happy to that you had commented, hope to see you around.

  2. I agree! – the slick hair and cigarette – totally reminiscent of Tony Leung and the movie.^^ Let’s hope for something like In the Mood for Love for this talented young man (who is in fact going to be 30!). I like your blog, by the way.^^

    1. I really hope so, Nino is such a brilliant actor, we definitely need to see him in more diverse and versatile range of roles.
      Aww, thanks, that means alot since my blog is just mindless rambles. LOL Yours is awesome too!

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