Arashi Challenge Month: Day 18

Happy Nino Month, minna-san and no…I’ve not abandon this meme yet. Busy with RL and loads of other chores that are attached with summer like mowing the lawn…hehe.

Day Eighteen – Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment

Anything Juntoshi! XD Darn, I reread the statement and knew it wasn’t that easy. LOL Now since I had to pick a moment, off I went digging through the folder dedicated to the two. You know, this is excellent exercise for your brain since millions of mathematical algorithms had to be performed before some were decided. LOL Yeah, a few since Juntoshi moments can manipulate a clear mind any day.

tumblr_mc572r728F1qj6fsbo1_250 tumblr_mc572r728F1qj6fsbo2_250
tumblr_mc572r728F1qj6fsbo3_250 tumblr_mc572r728F1qj6fsbo4_r2_250

Aren’t they cute, holding hands and happily going on their haunted house adventure/date! XD

Jun-kun can make Oh-chan follow him to the ends of the earth if he truly wanted him to.

When destruction occurs, Juntoshi will always be together no matter what.

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