Arashi Challenge Month: Day 19

Day Nineteen – A MatsuJun pic you can’t take your eyes off


I recall how mesmerizing this photo was when it first landed on my desk. Eventually, it resulted the creation of billizion (is that even a word?) of wallpapers and WordPress themes which our DoS-kun could be admired in all forms and shapes. XD It just makes your heart..doki doki, ne?!

This was one of the first pictures added to my Jun-kun collection and remains an ultimate favorite of mine. I am sure that many would agree that the shot is stunning, capturing the youthful and stylish Jun-kun perfectly. His charismatic charms, handsome features and intelligent demeanor are overflowing. Also, the color palette of the background provides a simple yet beautiful blend which complements the outfit nicely.

If you’re wondering, the photoshoot was from Dazed and Confused Japan 2003. You can find a translation of the article featuring Jun-kun here.

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