Arashi Challenge Month: Day 30

Day Thirty – Favorite fanfics of your Arashi OTP

Woohoo, the final post for my Arashi Challenge Month meme! *does a little happy dance* I know that I took my good old time doing this, RL does get in the way sometimes. LOL But I had loads of fun and encourage everyone to do one of these whenever they have the time.

Without a doubt, my OTP from Arashi is JunToshi! XD Their chemistry together is unrivaled, from singing to MC’ing, they are best as a pair. Although, they have no common interests, they get along surprisingly well and bring out the best in one another. They are usually more relaxed and comfortable in each other company. Jun-kun only goes to his DoS mode if Riida has switch on his DoM. LOL These moments are often hilarious, entertaining and cute.


Here are my top favorite Juntoshi fanfics:

    Hung Up On Love by mylittlecthulhu
    Like the Stars by mylittlecthulhu
    A Golden Moon by mylittlecthulhu
    After All by resolute_reader
    The First Times by bokunosubete
    Four times Jun and Ohno tried to share a hobby and one time they almost did by wingsonwords
    Midnight Clear by r-tenou
    Surprises are not always a good thing by doctoggy
    Just came to say hello by
    The Lost Key by yun-miyake

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