30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 1

Happy May, minna-san!! I know I’ve been lacking posts for some time now, but I am back and decided to do a 30 day photo/image/video challenge for anime. This seems fun, I am sure that I will stumble upon some old favorites. So without further ado…

Day One: Your very first anime


I have only seen the American version back in the 1990s, but I do recall enjoying the episodes with my brother after school each day. We even had a large VHS collection with the first couple of movies. Now-in-days, we’re not much into the anime aspect, but we do play on the new video games which are still interesting.

This is the first opening theme for the U.S. edition, the tune still pretty catchy, however, I think our hero, Ash Ketchum, has not been keeping up with his collection though.

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