GOT7’s Jackson Wang

My newfound obsession, Jackson Wang from GOT7. Hehe…they are getting younger and younger. This cutie pie has been on my radar for some time now since his casting on Korean reality show, Roommates Season 2. He is always spreading his laughter and positive energy no matter which show he is on. His musical talent and athletic-ness are unparalleled, and even his slight aloofness is found to be adorable and joyful. His lack of knowledge on Korean and Chinese culture can be quite astonishing at times.

I find it incredible that he was from Hong Kong (being a fellow Cantonese), debuted in South Korean only two years ago and how his popularity soared within the last few months. His cute face can be found on many networks in South Korean and China, mainly on variety/reality shows.:D Jackson is a natural on TV, he is always hardworking and confident of his abilities, willingness to learn, as well as, respectful and sweet toward elders and seniors from the entertainment industry. Wishing him the best in everything and may happiness be with him always! XD

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