Kimura Takuya staring in PS4 Game – JUDGE EYES

Heya minna-san! I know it’s been a while since any new posts were added, real life has been super busy and kind of crazy, haven’t been focusing on online much lately. LOL I just saw this and am extremely psyched that KIMURA is in a video game!!! *happy dance* It’s called JUDGE EYES!!

JUDGE EYES Story Trailer

The company did a pretty good job on the characters and the story seems interesting. I am somewhat familiar with them due to the Yakuza series, which my brother had played most of the games. I never really gotten into that, but JUDGE EYES is up my alley, I might just test drive when it gets released in North America. On a side note, hopefully, Nino’s day will come when he can star in one too…or it would be even better if all of Arashi was in it.

Also, happy belated 35th birthday to MatsuJun!! It better to be late than never, right?

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