Kim Nam-Gil, my current crush (Picspam)

I decided to give Kocowa a try and stumble across The Fiery Priest, which stars Kim Nam-Gil, Honey Lee and Kim Sung-Kyun. This definitely caught me by surprise on how good and hilarious the drama and now Nam-Gil ssi is on my radar for life. ♥ ♥

I was quite clueless who actually Kim Nam-Gil was as he is not often found on the small screen. The more I dug, the more I adore him. Not only is his acting polished and versatile, he is quite skillful when performing action stunts. See his fabulous moves in The Fiery Priest and The Pirates. It would be treat if Jang Hyuk (my other bias) and him could co-star in a history drama together some day.

Nam-Gil oppa is super unique, charming, dashing, clever, sophisticated…, I could go on forever. The way he acts with his eyes and facial expressions are amazing, I cannot tell you how mesmerizing they are.

Although, only three of his works were sampled on my end, Live Up to Your Name was my latest, I found his chemistry with his co-stars overall to be impeccable. The romantic sparks with his female leads are
astonishing, you just want to see more of their journey together. I would not mind him in more romcoms!

Please continue to give him some love…I bring upon his likeness so his handsomeness can bewitch everyone! LOL

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