Kim Nam Gil Turns Down The Pirates Sequel

The Pirates: Goblin’s Flag” (working title) will be taking time to reorganize as several actors from the original cast of the first movie have decided not to appear in the sequel.

Despite Yoo Hae Jin turning down the offer to appear in the sequel, things were running smoothly with Lee Kwang Soo joining the cast. After reports stated that investment companies temporarily halted production once Kim Nam Gil decided not to feature in the film, a source from Lotte Entertainment responded, “It’s true that Kim Nam Gil, who starred in ‘The Pirates,’ turned down appearing in the sequel. There is no change to Lee Kwang Soo and Son Ye Jin being cast. Production has not been suspended. We are planning to start filming after [a time of] reorganization.”

“The Pirates,” released in 2014, had great box office success, surpassing 8.6 million admissions. The film is about pirates searching for the royal seal of the Chosun dynasty that was swallowed by a whale ghost. With the great success of the first movie, there were high hopes for the sequel as well.

Lotte Entertainment, which was the film investment and distribution company for “The Pirates,” also decided to undertake the sequel. At the 24th Busan International Film Festival held on October 2018, Lotte Entertainment even announced the sequel as one of the films they will be premiering in 2019, raising attention for the movie. Fans of the first movie were excited for the announcement that the sequel is to be made five years after the premiere of the first film.

Source: Soompi

I was heartbroken when the news broke yesterday about Nam-Gil oppa not returning to the sequel. But it makes senses as he needs to recuperate from The Fiery Priest, which he suffered so many injuries from and didn’t take an ounce of time off. Poor guy. I would rather have him take a nice long vacation and come back fully recovered. Hopefully, his management will talk so sense into him. At times, he can be too professional, ignoring his own physical being. I love seeing his face when he does those high demanding stunts, but his health is more important. 😢

I wonder if Son Ye Jin(SYJ) will even accept now?! It would be so weird to see her character (Yeo-wol) to be wooed by some new guy and the bandit team with a new leader. How are they going to explain this??? Also, they better not replace Jang Sa-Jung with another actor?! 😠

Best scenario is that SYJ doesn’t, they can then wait until Nam-Gil oppa recovers and reconsiders. Maybe at that time Yoo Hae-Jin will be free too. I like Lee Kwang Soo and all, but he ain’t gonna fit in Hae-Jin ssi’s shoes as Chul-Bong. LOL I am sure all of us do not mind staying put for a little longer so a truly sequel can be made.

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