Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 4

Day 4: An TV series or movie that you would like Kim Nam-Gil to work on

I would love Nam-Gil oppa to work on more TV series, preferable romantic comedy with a dash of action. At least, I know he will live and have a possible good ending like in Live Up to your Name, Dr. Heo. lol It would be even better if it was historical, his bad-ass swordsman portrayals are always spot-on like his Jang Sa-Jung from The Pirates and Bidam from QSD. They are my weakness for sure. hehe

SBS Drama “The Fiery Priest” Likely to Come Out With Season 2

It looks like there will be a second season of the SBS drama “The Fiery Priest”. According to sources, the success of the first season led to the decision of the second season.

“The Fiery Priest” ended on the 20th with a viewing rate of 22%. The final episode also sent out writing saying ‘We will be back’. “The Fiery Priest” starring Kim Nam-gil, Lee Honey and others was well supported for its story of fighting evil.

Source: Hancinema & Donga Sports

Woot, this made by day!! XD

Congratulations to The Fiery Priest Team, Season 1 was truly an amazing ride! I am missing them terribly already and cannot wait for Season 2. Take as long as you need producer-nims and screenwriter-nim.

I also hope everyone win something, especially Nam-Gil oppa with the Baeksang Arts Awards. He definitely deserves it this year for his fabulous performance as Father Hae-Il. Serious acting chops is what he has!! XD

I recall his Life Bar interview of not getting nominated since The Great Queen Seondeok. That was 10 years ago, I feel his pain. Nam-Gil oppa is so underrated. Let’s continue to vote for him daily at, we have until 4/26/19. He’s at the top of the list now, but let’s keep him there.

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 3

Day 3: When did you become a Kim Nam-Gil fan?

I am ashamed to say that I became his fan only recently, 19 days to be exact. I accidentally stumble upon his presence in The Fiery Priest and was immediately intrigued, but not only the story/plot, as well as, this handsome, multi-dimensional bad-ass of an Oppa that plays Father Kim Hae-Il. You should see how expressly he is. I must have been living in a dark hole or something, why was I never introduced to him?! LOL 

Eye-candy of my new fascination…♡♡♡