Arashi Challenge Month: Day 28

Day Twenty-Eight – Which Arashi member would you want to be your brother?

Definitely Aiba, I know that he will make each of my days cheerful with his caring, energetic, affectionate, and baka personality. He is also entertaining, polite and easy-going. We would be able go to different places together to share the fun, as well as, cry our eyes out at sad and emotional movies.


Arashi Challenge Month: Day 23

Riida was in a daze even early on in life, ne. LOL

Our Newscaster-san is posing properly for his birthday, you don’t have to wait for us to dig into that cake though.

Aiba-chan is just being a cute like always.

Little prince charming us with his peace sign. :kiss:

I want to take this Jun-kun home and spoil him to no ends. XD

As a bonus, I had to include this. MatsuJun can be in DoS mode at any age.

Arashi Challenge Month: Day 11

Day Eleven – An Arashi/Member moment that makes you laugh your ass off

This was a hard one since there is never a dull moment when watching Arashi, honestly. If I had to select, it would be with the awesome Aiba!


No matter how many times the episode or gifs are reviewed, his bewildered and dazed expression is truly priceless. Definitely a great stress reliever and calories burner since you can laugh endlessly. We all love you, Aiba-chan!