Picspam – Boku Unmei no Hito Desu

Loving Kame and Yamapi in this drama!! They are just so funny, cute and smexy! XD

Kamenashi Kame’s solo – 1582

I have to admit that I’ve grown to adore Kame these past years, acting wise rather his idol persona. Though, I have sample some of his solos, none left an impression until now. By accident, 1582 was stumbled upon a few weeks ago, this is his solo for the KATTUN Break the Records album. It was certainly not love a first sight, but its historical attributes and intense lyrics were reasons to give the song another try. Eventually, the song become a must-listen-to.

You’re probably wondering what’s 1582 like I was. It’s actually an important date in Japan history…the year where the infamous Oda Nobunaga was defeated and had perished. Thus, many fans have speculated that the song relates to the battle at Honnouji temple as many outdated kanji were used. I have to agree since Kame’s solo performance had revolved around traditional clothing and battle metaphors, may I say it was one breathtaking production! Do a search on Youtube, I guarantee that you will be amazed.

There are actually two version of the solo, CD version is from a woman’s point of view (as Kame had explained) while the concert one consist of both genders. Though, I enjoyed both edition, I found the concert one more interesting and intensifying – the desperate feeling of leaving a loved one and dying the next morning. It’s very much like Nobunaga heading to battle and never returning to his wife. Somehow I found this very fitting to Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan as well < -- my latest obsession.