Miki Shinichiro Challenge Month: Day 25

Day 25: What had Miki Shinichiro influenced you to love?

The journey of loving one will lead to the admiration of many other things, I’m sure that many of you can relate to this. May it related to what your beloved’s hobbies, interests or work. For me, it was through Miki-sama’s anime roles which had influenced my fandoms to multiply. XD

There are many historical periods that I am infatuated with; the enigma of a specific individual, group or area just draws your attention, ne? The spark gradually become an interest and off I went doing research on every topics related to them. This was true for me after learning about Hakuouki and the Shinsengumi. I pretty much fell head over heels for the Edo Period and Hijikata Toshizo which is voiced by my beloved. Eventually, I become familiar with his real-life counterpart and the era that he had lived in. XD Though, the period is tragedy due the power struggle within Japan and western influences, it still holds many vivid and beautiful events/stories that should be shared for generations to come. Its culture and customs are truly fascinating, especially the code of conduct for samurai.

If you had asked me if I would ever be interested in the Boys Love/Yaoi genre, I would probably have given you a direct, straight-forward, HELLA NO, a few year backs. LOL I had nothing against same-sex relationships, they just had no appeal to me being a hetero …that was what I thought at that time until I read Haru wo Daiteita which is illustrated by Nitta Youka. XD Back then, I was kind of reluctant to try this genre (like most I’m sure )…well, after one taste, I’m now soaked in Yaoi poison with no regrets. LOL I guess the main reasons this genre has become much to my liking are the complicated, non-traditional relationships (they have to work harder compared to other couples) and the beautiful artwork, so many smexy men…hehe.

Haru is my ultimate favorite yaoi manga btw and Katou Youji is also voiced by Miki-sama…oh how much sexy can he be?! XD I was blushing like crazing when I first heard Katou and Iwaki-san’s love scenes from the Haru drama CDs…my little virgin mind and ears have been corrupted due to you!! LOL I highly recommend the CDs over the OVA, they are fabulous companions to the manga.

For sometime a little less hard-core, I adore Seven Days by Tachibana Venio. Though, it has nothing to do with Miki-sama, I hope to wheel-in everyone that loves manga to give this a try once in their lifetime. It is a beautiful, love story between two high schoolers who found each other when they really were not looking.

Phew, I finally finished my 25 posts for my Miki Shinichiro challenge month. I hope that you had enjoyed them as much as I liked about rambling on and on about him. XD I usually don’t discuss about an individual at length, but was happy that this was started. I encourage everyone to try challenge post, it can be for as many number of days you like. Let me know I’ll be the first one to read them!