Arashi – Picspam

Simply love this photoshoot, they looks so smexy and sophisticated. Just makes me happy, happy, happy!! ❤❤

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Arashi Japonism Calendar 2016

I wished I had a copy of this. The photoshoot seems to be fun, the boys are enjoying themselves and portraying different roles in the family. KYAA~~~ There’s even JunToshi!!

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Arashi Challenge Month: Day 23

Riida was in a daze even early on in life, ne. LOL

Our Newscaster-san is posing properly for his birthday, you don’t have to wait for us to dig into that cake though.

Aiba-chan is just being a cute like always.

Little prince charming us with his peace sign. :kiss:

I want to take this Jun-kun home and spoil him to no ends. XD

As a bonus, I had to include this. MatsuJun can be in DoS mode at any age.

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