Arashi releases details on new single “BRAVE” and MV collection

Happy August! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am not surprised of the best clips release since its their 20th anniversary, probably gonna add this to my collection.

Arashi isn’t done yet with new music releases. Following their 20th anniversary album last June, Arashi is slated to release their newest single “BRAVE” on September 11. The song is used as image song for NTV’s broadcast of the “Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament”.

Featuring Sakurai’s rap, this is also the first single from Arashi to be released in a Blu ray disc. The single will only contain one song “BRAVE” and a 54 minute DVD/ Bluray content.

In addition, Arashi will be releasing their music video collection “5 × 20 All the BEST !! CLIPS 1999-2019” on October 16th. This is the second part of their “5×20” series. Similar with the best album, the MV collection will contain 63 MVs from their debut single “A ・ RA ・ SHI” to “Kimi no Uta” released in 2018. The first limited edition will come with a bonus disc containing MVs of album songs and coupling songs.

Check out the release details and the group’s performance of “BRAVE” below.


Limited Edition



DVD / Blu-ray

・ “BRAVE” Video Clip & Making

Regular Edition



02. BRAVE (Original Karaoke)

Arashi “5 × 20 All the BEST !! CLIPS 1999-2019”

01. A ・ RA ・ SHI
02. SUNRISE Nippon
03. Typhoon Generation -Typhoon Generation-
04. Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi
05. Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru
06. Jidai
07. a Day in Our Life
08. Nice na Kokoroiki
10. Tomadoinagara
11. Hadashi no Mirai
12. Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono
14. Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy
15. Hero
16. Sakura Sake
17. WISH
18. Kitto Daijoubu
19. Aozora Pedal
20. Love so sweet
21. We can make it!
22. Happiness
23. Step and Go
24. One Love
25. truth
26. Kaze no Mukou e
27. Beautiful days
28. Believe
29. Ashita no Kioku
30. Crazy Moon
31. Everything
32. My Girl
33. Troublemaker
34. Monster
35. To be free
36. Love Rainbow
37. Dear Snow
38. Hatenai Sora
39. Lotus
40. Meikyu Love Song
41. Wild at Heart
42. Face Down
43. Your Eyes
44. Calling
45. Breathless
46. ​​Endless Game
47. Bittersweet
48. GUTS!
49. Dare mo Shiranai
50. Sakura
51. Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari
52. Ai wo Sakebe
53. Fukkatsu LOVE
54. I seek
55. Daylight
56. Power of the Paradise
57. I’ll be there
58. Tsunagu
59. Doors
60. Find The Answer
61. Natsu Hayate
62. Natsu Hayate (High School Student Collaboration Ver.)
63. Kimi no Uta

First edition limited edition bonus DISC

02. Lucky Man
03. Mada Minu Sekai e
04. P ・ A ・ R ・ A ・ D ・ O ・ X
05. Zero-G
06. Kokoro no Sora
07. Don’t You Get It
08. Mikan
09. NOW or NEVER

Source: AramaJapan

Arashi – Dear Snow PV and my thoughts on the song

Dear Snow PV – making of photo version

Kyaa~~ at the historical setting, I absolutely adore the integration, being a history freak. I wonder if this is the same one used in the movie. Though, I enjoyed the MS performance better, the boys are still handsome here. Jun-kun’s jacket adds a lovely touch of color to the PV. For some reason, Ohno reminds of a monk LOL…it’s probably the beads, but still nice.

Overall, this ballad is beautiful, quite bittersweet and emotional. I love the ending:

Eien ni kanawanai
We can’t wish for eternity

Sore demo itoshii hito yo
But even so, you are the person dearest to me

You can tell that I’m a sucker for angst love. Everyone has been complaining about the title of the song — where is the snow or it’s too early for Christmas? I do not believe this is for white fluff, but holds a deeper meaning, a metaphor. Snow probably symbolizes purity, innocence and virtue. The Ooku certainly is a place without these characteristics. No matter if it houses men or women, the place is tainted with greedy, hatred, and lust. I haven’t gone a chance to read the manga yet, but am positive that Mizuno Yunoshin (portrayed by Nino) and the shogun (played by Shibasaki Kou) do not have clean slates — hidden secrets, dark past, etc. It is possible that their encounter is life changing and invigorating.

Arashi – First live Monster performance


Kyaaaaaa~~The performance was amazing, doesn’t remind you a bit of Truth? The choreography and the set matches the Kaibutsu-kun theme quite well. The boys were dancing somewhat like zombies to the unique melody of the song…hehe. Also, when Jun-kun did a dance number on the floor, I was grinning non-stop. Love Oh-chan’s hair btw.

Arashi – Troublemaker on Music Station


Kyaa~~Jun-kun should definitely wear more sleeveless shirts now! XO The choreography was a tad different than Utaban’s, both of which I adore. Love the bright and happy atmosphere, the boys appear to be having so much fun. Wasn’t the Yama pair kawaii when they formed a ♥? I had watched it a few times, each brought endless smiles.