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Arashi are hopeless dorks in “Don’t You Get It?” PV

Arashi dropped their newest album “Are You Happy?” last October 26. In the album, the group starts from the basic universal joy of listening to music and presenting songs that make the listener feel happy.

Check out the music video for the lead song “Don’t You Get It?”, which features the members just being all kinds of goofy and ridiculous. What do you think of this latest release from Arashi?

Don't You Get It from mir yo on Vimeo.

Source: Arama Japan

Absolutely agree, they are still so adorable and dorky, especially Oh-chan. Love the upbeat and catching tune, their casual clothing and the doggies. XD Just cannot wait to get their Are you Happy? album in the mail.

Ikuta Toma featured in Arashi’s Fukkatsu LOVE PV

This cannot get any better with this, Arashi and Toma being on the same screen is definitely wonderful. He always considered himself as the 6th member and now its semi-official?! LOL I hope that they will have more collaborations. ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉ I really like the tone/atmosphere/colors of PV, their smexy suits and the catchy song (really has an Arashi feel to it). KUDOS to Mariya Takeuchi who wrote the lyrics and Tatsuro Yamashita for its composition/arrangement. You can find the full PV on Arama Japan.


Arashi – Mada Minu Sakai E PV

It’s been a while since our boys released a PV for an album, I believe the last one was for Lucky Man.


Awesomeness! It reminds me of their earlier works, doesn’t it scream A.RA.SHI and Typhoon Generation!? The boys are gorgeous as always, especially in the black outfits. The contrast used was fantastic, the colorful and youthful in the first part vs. the dark and mature for the latter. Oh-chan was adorable with that Dragonball Z hair style LOL, Jun-kun and Nino looked quite smexy too.