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DramaFever shuts down :(

As you all know, DramaFever closed a few days ago without any notices whatsoever, kind of frustrating! Okay, more than just a little, I am sure most of you were?! I remember it being the very first Asian entertainment channel/source available on Roku and was sooo excited. I had no idea it was owned by Warner Bros. and with their AT&T mega-merger, DramaFever got axed, betting it was all about the numbers and being a niche genre. How unprofessional they were to just pull the plug right there and there! That shows how much they care about their history and the little people that supported them throughout the years. It would have been nice to get a notice in advance, even a small countdown would have been fine. Hopefully, they will refund everyone and nothing happens to Crunchyroll, which is owned by them as well. :(  Crossing my fingers and toes. LOL As you can see, mega-corporations are a big no-no!! I’m glad that OnDemandKorea is starting to pick up some of DramaFever’s collection…hopefully Goblin, which I still haven’t watched yet. Well, I might need to go back to my old ways with other sources, but will see. For now, let’s support OnDemandKorea and Viki until something better comes along and sign the Petition for Dramafever to come back!

Just food for thought, maybe there is slight chance, WarnerMedia will move all of the Asian entertainment to Crunchyroll?? There’s definitely a wider audience and better revenue can be generated. It would be just easier to add a few more to the existing collection. Thoughts, anyone?

Picspam – Wok of Love

Finished watching Wok of Love, which was entertaining, light-hearted, and hilarious. Highly recommended for a good laugh and the food-porn, nothing serious since it does have a talking horse.

Jang Hyuk (Doo Chil Sung) portrays a gangster, loan-shark who was adorable and dorky when it comes to his unrequited love for Jung Ryeo Won (Dan Sae Woo). I knew immediately that the second lead syndrome was gonna kick-in during the beginning of the series when Sae Woo told him off the bat, there wasn’t gonna be any chances between them. You can also tell that she only has eyes for Seo Poong (main lead portrayed by Lee Jun Ho). I don’t have anything against him, but we’re talking about Jang Hyuk here, who could resist. lol He does do it in a weird Chil Sung style, saying since it was only one-side, he can love as much as he wants. hehe

Here’s some picspam from the series:











Picspam – Boku Unmei no Hito Desu

Loving Kame and Yamapi in this drama!! They are just so funny, cute and smexy! XD