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Picspam – Wok of Love

Finished watching Wok of Love, which was entertaining, light-hearted, and hilarious. Highly recommended for a good laugh and the food-porn, nothing serious since it does have a talking horse.

Jang Hyuk (Doo Chil Sung) portrays a gangster, loan-shark who was adorable and dorky when it comes to his unrequited love for Jung Ryeo Won (Dan Sae Woo). I knew immediately that the second lead syndrome was gonna kick-in during the beginning of the series when Sae Woo told him off the bat, there wasn’t gonna be any chances between them. You can also tell that she only has eyes for Seo Poong (main lead portrayed by Lee Jun Ho). I don’t have anything against him, but we’re talking about Jang Hyuk here, who could resist. lol He does do it in a weird Chil Sung style, saying since it was only one-side, he can love as much as he wants. hehe

Here’s some picspam from the series:











Picspam – Jang Hyuk in Voice








My Romeo by Jessi

Just finished watching Cinderella and Four Knights and fell in love with this fun and adorable drama, especially the OST. Park So-Dam , who plays Eun Ha-Won, is one fabulous and talented actress, this is the second series I have seen from her and she is definitely a favorite of mine now. Her 4 knights were superb as well, Jung Il-Woo is certainly one hottie. Anyway, my bias from the OST is My Romeo by Jessi (Lucky J). The 90’s melody immediately caught by attention along with her unique and amazing vocals. I have seen Jessi a few times on Korean variety shows, mainly associated as a rapper, but she can definitely sing. Love the sassy, funkiness and finesse.

The stranger who crosses my heart
I can’t take my eyes off you
A whisper that comes into my closed heart
It softly melts me

nae maeumeul garojireuneun Stranger
nuneul ttel suga eopseo
dathin nae mame deullyeooneun Whisper
salmyeosi nareul nogyeo

Dazzling, my destiny
I knew it was destiny right away
My Romeo of my dreams
I knew it was the love I’ve been waiting for
Can you feel my heartbeat

nunbusin My destiny
hannune nan unmyeongin geol arassjyo
kkumsogui My Romeo
gidaryeoon sarangin geol neukkyeossjyo
Can you feel my heartbeat

Baby take me take me take me away
Hurry and come to me, take me away
Baby tell me tell me tell me tonight
Tell me what I’ve been waiting for

Baby take me take me take me away
eoseo naege wa nal deryeoga jwo
Baby tell me tell me tell me tonight
gidaryeowasseossdeon geu hanmadi