Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 21

Day 21: Most favorite commercial of Kim Nam-Gil

These are super precious since he rarely appears in commercials now-in-days, mainly from his Bidam era. I watched a few of them, found this one to be the most adorable. Nam-Gil oppa is just being himself and having fun, not in his bad guy mode. He looks amazing in denim with his hair tied up in a samurai bun. His interactions with the Spanish amigos are hilarious and priceless. I also like the concept of the commercial – being a youngster on the road, exploring new places, finding new friends, and bonding over good music and a nice beverage.

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 20

Day 20: Most favorite character outfit that Kim Nam-Gil wore

Hwarang Bidam

The casual attire is my ultimate favorite! The one where he is out and about, not tending to palace business. lol Oppa here sure looks smexy, love his long tied-up hair, very bishounen-like. Day or night, happy or sorrow, he is perfect. XD He is one bad-ass in battle, no matter what type of weapon he has at hand.

Source: Hancinema and Facebook

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 19

Day 19: Recent Kim Nam-Gil movie that you watched

I watched Pandora (2016) yesterday and was bawling like crazy.

Honestly, I am not a fan of disaster movies, but was drawn in by the stellar performance of the cast and Kim Nam-Gil, of course. All of the engineers and firefighters that stuck along side with the destructive nuclear plant to the very end are the true heroes. Pyeong-Seok (Jung Jin-Young), the expert that no one listened to, was amazing. The government was useless as ever, good criticism toward the real-life events at Fukushima Daiichi.

Kang Jae-Yyeok (Kim Nam-Gil), our other protagonist, was just an ordinary fellow who fears for his family lives due to the previous events related to the nuclear plant. He despises this monster, vents daily and wants to leave/end this bitter vicious cycle. The entire town is employed by the nuclear plant by the way, including Jae-Yyeok. Change is prevented by his family and friends, this is the reason to his constant pessimism and neuroticism. I really felt for him and understood his terrified and anxious self. His quiet moments are the best, I love his tenderness toward his love interest, Yeon-Joo (Kim Joo-Hyun). Though the two bicker and banter like crazy, they truly care for one another. 

I must applaud Jae-Yyeok for his last few minutes. He went out like a warrior despite being so petrified and timid internally. He never flinched when saving his comrades and love ones. His monologue is one of the most saddest and grieving ones that I have seen. When it comes to pulling heartstrings and delivering emotions to its fullest, Kim Nam-Gil is the best. Some might say that this was unnecessary, but this brings out the raw humanity in all of us.

High recommended and available on Netflix, please give it a like on their website/app so they know to license more Korean films.

Here’s the trailer:

Main cast interview:

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 18

Day 18: Favorite BTS video or clip of Kim Nam-Gil

Choices?! I have a bundle of favorite BTS clips, this is a very difficult task. lol Nam-Gil oppa is always so cheerful and silly, a joy to watch. I’m selecting this one from Live Up to Your Name since Choi Yeon-Kyung and him are by OTP now.

They are super adorable in real life. Nam-Gil brings out the playfulness in everyone. The entire cast and staff seem to be having so much fun. Aww, he kept saying sorry to the little piggy, I want held by oppa too. lol

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 17

Day 17: Something that left you in awe

Nam-Gil oppa’s is the master of ad-libbing — little magical
antidotes that brings additional life and charm to his characters!

During his 10Asia 2009 interview, he confirmed this was an ad-lib from Queen Seondeok. lol

From Live Up to Your Name, tripping and falling face down (starts at 1:00):

…and the majority of the Namsan Date (Episode 13):

From The Fiery Priest, the cute little mandu scene: