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Picspam – Ohno from Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi

Looking forward to this even more now. Oh-chan certainly looks quite smexy in his suave suits. XD





Picspam – Come Back, Ajusshi

I stumbled upon an episode of Come Back, Ajusshi last weekend, which had become my newest drama addiction. There was a large amount of media attention due to Rain on the cast list. I am only familiar to his name and nothing else, never felt the need to check his credentials, however, now I can see why…! Alright sue me for being not being on the bandwagon! lol

My mini marathon of episodes 1 through 5 have kept me entertained and glued to the television for the past two nights. The charismatic cast had performed brilliantly along with the intriguing plot and refreshing storyline. Both leads, Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, are talented amazing, hitting the comical notes wonderfully and carrying their roles to perfection. Looking forward to seeing how the story unfolded, hopefully with enough substance to keep me talking about this for years to come. This hilarious series is available through Dramafever and Viki, give it a check when you have a moment, guaranteed that it will be time well spent.






Tenno no Ryoriban, one amazing drama!


A friend of mine recommended Tenno no Ryoriban which I binge-watched this past weekend. It’s truly one fabulous tale woven about Akiyama Tokuzo’s life – how he carved his way into becoming a chef of western food and eventually the master chef of the Japanese Emperor. On how he faced and overcame discrimination and prejudice both in domestic and foreign societies. Also, brilliant twists and turns were added to the story not only for his career, but also his relationships with his friends, family and love interests. I absolutely adored his interactions with his gentle and supporting wife, Toshiko, and later his own children. My heartstrings were pulled during many times throughout the series, resulting having a box of Kleenex handy at all times. However, there were equally hilarious and quirky moments that kept the light-hardheartedness and laughter going.

Tokuzo is portrayed by rising star, Takeru Sato, which have I come to like very much and Toshiko by Kuroki Haru. Both were amazing and admirable, I have only seen Sato-kun in Bloody Monday and Tonbi, he is definitely on my radar now. I do recall Haru-san as being Legal High 2 as Jane Honda, she was quite the character there and very different compared to elegant and kind Toshiko. XD I hope that she will receive more role on the small screen as she is very versatile and talented. Also, an applause to Kiritani Kenta who portrayed Matsui Shintaro, exceptionally funny and entertaining as Tokuzo’s friend and side-kick.


…and a bonus, OH YES, he is still smexy with a mustache!