Everyone need to watch Husbands The Series

I stumbled upon this webseries by accident on Wednesday while checking a few manga titles at Barnes and Noble. They were advertising the comic book version of Husbands and out of curiosity, the banner was clicked and the rest became history.

I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to recommend this romantic comedy to all. Yes, its for everyone and not just us, Yaoi fans. To be honest, this is the first ever sitcom that I’ve watch with real life actors portraying in a non-heterosexual relationship as the main focus. However, with Husbands, it was beyond two guys kissing and attraction was the storytelling which was brilliant written and scripted by the creative and ultra-talented Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer, Jane Espenson and Internet sensation, Brad Bell. Its truly intelligent, charming and witty with loads of social satire that can be appreciated.


You can find the full episodes of first two seasons on Youtube and the third on CW Seed. The episodes are short but the execution is astonishing, you will learn more about our adorable couple, Cheeks (Brad Bell) and Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon), in a few minutes than a full length film…and I kid you not. Also, Brady is a super smexy with his amazing abs while Cheeks is sweet and geeky. Do check it out when you have a few minutes, I guarantee that you will fall in love with it. Did I mention that it is free?!

Fangirl moment: Zoro x Sanji in Episode 591

I’m telling you that Zoro x Sanji are canon!! LOL I was watching the new episode and out of nowhere, a true ZoSan moment was animated!! XD Nami’s and Sanji’s soul had switch so he’s in her body at the moment.


Kyaa~~ Zoro had tried to prevent Sanji from falling when he slipped, quickly reached for his hand and immersed into their own world for a second. :blush: Even Brook thought the gesture was romantic. XD Well…maybe it was performed unconsciously, but Zoro knew it was the Love-Cook and only reverted the action violently since Soul King was there, probably due to embarrassment.

On an ending note….

Gifs from Tumblr

Picspam of Yamamoto Yusuke

I just finished the live action of the Ouran High School Host Club and love Yusuke-kun even more. His charm and style are unique compared to the norm and his acting is quite mesmerizing. One can see how much hard-work and effort that he invests into his roles. No matter if he is the wacky and humorous Suou Tamaki or the serious and straight-forward Fudo Masashi or the passionate and hot-headed Azuma Wataru, his acting shines with perfection. I definitely look forward to all of his future works.

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You’re Yaoi Obsessed When…

The following was found at threedaysgracetard@DA and I just wanted to shared.

Yoneda Kou

[ ] The concept of Guy X Girl seems strange to you
[] You can’t go one day without looking at pictures/reading fanfics about yaoi
[] You have an OTP (One True Pairing)
[ ] You crossover your favorite male characters and make them lovers (I.e L X Sebastian)
[ ] You ship anyone and everyone together
[b>✓] You refer to the couple by their ‘name’ (i.e ZoSan, KuroKise, RoyEd, etc.)
[ ] When it’s that character’s birthday you draw them with their ‘uke’ in some sort of sexy situation
[ ] You constantly write fanfiction for your favorite couples
[ ] You want to strangle all the yaoi haters
[] You stay up all night reading it/drawing it
[ ] You cosplay as your favorite characters just to make them do things they would originally never do themselves (I.e Kiss, hold hands, etc)
[] You go “Aww…” and “SQUEE~!” when you see two men being lovie-dovie in front of you
[ ] You prefer men-men’s love over hetero love anytime
[ ] You insist on searching every yaoi pairing possible even in the most innocent animes
[] You watch two men having a slightly close relationship and would instantly think of them snogging each other naked on bed
[ ] Your anime collection consists of boy love anime instead of the usual anime people would collect
[ ] You have a thing for twincest, especially boys
[ ] Your manga collection in your computer consists of doujin scanlations of either original or fan-doujins, regardless if you can read Japanese or not
[ ] You can never look at two guys the same way ever again
[ ] You get turned on by looking at two men fucking instead of the normal hentai
[ ] You join a Fight for Gay Rights cause
[ ] You love to sing “It’s OK to be Gay” by Tomboy during your free time
[ ] Your drawings (if you’re an artist) consists of yaoi 90% of the time
[ ] You don’t mind your boyfriend (if you’re an open-minded girl) to get ‘easy’ on his male colleagues
[ ] You would encourage your boyfriend to kiss his male friends and even prepare your 3G phone to shoot them
[ ] You want to try a strap-on the next time you and your boyfriend want to make love just to see how anal sex on a guy looks like
[ ] Even if there is already a hetero pairing in an anime, you would create some sort of story (if you are a fanfic writer) that make their relationship no longer existant and pair it with your fav boy
[ ] Even if there is totally no room for a yaoi pairing to exist in a cartoon or anime, you pair crack!ones anyways or create an OC to match with your fav boy
[ ] You see any gesture that is slightly suggestive, even though it is just a friendly hug, as yaoi
[ ] You would be seen surfing websites that are yaoi-based and hunt for delicious man sex
[ ] You’re favorite guy on any tv show is the gay one, in real life or in the show
[ ] You see an anime couple and automatically don’t like the girl
[ ] You have to delete files just to make room for your massive yaoi doujinshi collection
[ ] Yaoi is a constant subject in your conversations
[ ] You wish you were a boy just so you could be a part of the magic
[ ] You try to convince your brother/cousin/male friend that he’s gay
[ ] You start pairing up female characters so you can put the male characters together
[ ] You beg your boyfriend to make out with another guy in front of you
[ ] You force your boyfriend to watch gravitation and to like it
[ ] You force your boyfriend to cosplay a male character that is gay and you cosplay his male partner
[ ] You have more yaoi doujinshi than music on your computer.
[ ] You try to search for something on google or youtube and it tries to finish any letter you type with something yaoi related
[ ] You say stupid stuff in class like, “Don t interrupt me, I m thinking about yaoi.”
[ ] You see a gay guy and think of yaoi instead
[ ] You see your gay friend falling asleep in class and you think stuff like, ohh he stayed up late doing YAOI
[ ] Your mom finally asks you what yaoi is
[] Most of your inside jokes are about yaoi and you end up laughing alone because nobody gets it
[ ] You instantly have a crush on the first guy that looks kinda Asian, and then you eventually end up hoping he s gay
[ ] When you see two guys walking next to each other you instantly think of yaoi liveaction
[ ] When all or most of your bookmarks are to yaoi sites
[ ] You know you’re obsessed when you’re in a roomfull of hot guys and you’re picturing them with each other
[ ] You start picturing ‘scenes’ when listening to some specific songs
[ ] You see two cute guys together and assume that they’re lovers
[ ] You bravely buy some yaoi manga at the store even though some manga cover feature explicit yaoi content that makes other people cringe
[ ] You think you’re a gay man in your past life
[] You buy and draw yaoi mangas
[ ] You constantly think of yaoi pairings in games/anime/pop stars
[ ] When your non anime friends know the meaning of yaoi
[ ] When you start slashing your straight guy friends together
[ ] When you have a dream that they make a yaoi version of Kingdom Hearts
[ ] When you look for yaoi of your favorite childhood shows(I will never look at Pokemon the same way again…e_o)
[] You can pair up any two boys from an anime and justify the pairing
[] You have several organized photobucket accounts computer folders full of Yaoi pictures
[ ] When the only thing you look for on a search browser ALWAYS contains the words Yaoi or Shounen ai in the web search
[ ] When you obsessively write fanfction after fanfiction about your choosen OTP
[ ] Your best friend is bored because you always talk about yaoi
[ ] When you see lotions and creams and all you can think of is which one would be the best lubricant when it came to Yaoi
[ ] When you see your guy friends and you wonder who could make the best pairing
[ ] when you walk into school and you alot of different guys and you are almost tempted to pair them up and make them kiss each other
[] When you watch an anime that isn’t even a boys love or yaoi and you wished that the guys in the show would just hook up already
[ ] When you draw your two favorite male anime characters kissing or doing each other and you make it into a wallpaper for your computer
[ ] When you start slashing the male fridge magnets together and leaving them in compromising positions
[ ] You use buttsecks as a verbal pause
[ ] You know EXACTLY where all the booths that sell yaoi are at con
[ ] When the whole theme of your computer is yaoi. (I.e Icons, wallpaper, screensaver, etc…)
[] You’ll randomly daydream about random pairings
[ ] Everything you write has to have at least a gay guy in it
[ ] You start thinking Dracula is gay
[ ] You see two guys come out of a car and begin holding hands then walk to a store and you watch to see if they kiss
[] You fav this deviation and use it as a journal
[] You comment on this deviation
[] You spend your time writing a ‘You know you’re yaoi obsessed when…’ meme.

LOL Less than I had excepted, but I do enjoy a good romantic boys love story with substance like any other heterosexual one. Smex is just added bonus. XD