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Everyone need to watch Husbands The Series

I stumbled upon this webseries by accident on Wednesday while checking a few manga titles at Barnes and Noble. They were advertising the comic book version of Husbands and out of curiosity, the banner was clicked and the rest became history.

I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to recommend this romantic comedy to all. Yes, its for everyone and not just us, Yaoi fans. To be honest, this is the first ever sitcom that I’ve watch with real life actors portraying in a non-heterosexual relationship as the main focus. However, with Husbands, it was beyond two guys kissing and attraction was the storytelling which was brilliant written and scripted by the creative and ultra-talented Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer, Jane Espenson and Internet sensation, Brad Bell. Its truly intelligent, charming and witty with loads of social satire that can be appreciated.


You can find the full episodes of first two seasons on Youtube and the third on CW Seed. The episodes are short but the execution is astonishing, you will learn more about our adorable couple, Cheeks (Brad Bell) and Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon), in a few minutes than a full length film…and I kid you not. Also, Brady is a super smexy with his amazing abs while Cheeks is sweet and geeky. Do check it out when you have a few minutes, I guarantee that you will fall in love with it. Did I mention that it is free?!

Fangirl moment: Zoro x Sanji in Episode 591

I’m telling you that Zoro x Sanji are canon!! LOL I was watching the new episode and out of nowhere, a true ZoSan moment was animated!! XD Nami’s and Sanji’s soul had switch so he’s in her body at the moment.


Kyaa~~ Zoro had tried to prevent Sanji from falling when he slipped, quickly reached for his hand and immersed into their own world for a second. :blush: Even Brook thought the gesture was romantic. XD Well…maybe it was performed unconsciously, but Zoro knew it was the Love-Cook and only reverted the action violently since Soul King was there, probably due to embarrassment.

On an ending note….

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Picspam of Yamamoto Yusuke

I just finished the live action of the Ouran High School Host Club and love Yusuke-kun even more. His charm and style are unique compared to the norm and his acting is quite mesmerizing. One can see how much hard-work and effort that he invests into his roles. No matter if he is the wacky and humorous Suou Tamaki or the serious and straight-forward Fudo Masashi or the passionate and hot-headed Azuma Wataru, his acting shines with perfection. I definitely look forward to all of his future works.

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