Happy Nino Month!!

Hiya minna-san! It’s been a while since I updated just about anything in the cyber world…and yes, I’m still alive and kicking. LOL RL has been super crazy and busy…I know I owe messages to some [you know who you are ] and will get them out soon, I promise. XD In the mean time, I restarted my amateur writing so go and enjoy the newest chapter to my Arashi fanfic – Fragmented Reflections at Episode 8. It stars Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari and Takeuchi Yuko.

Also, my Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan fanfic with Hijikata and Chizuru titled Beyond Dreams. Modern, alternative universe.

…and my Jang Hyuk fanlisting. So excited that I was approved for his super hunk. Did anyone see him in the CCTV3 reality show – Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang (叮咯咙咚呛 / 딩거룽둥창) – with his buddy Kim Jong Kook along with Jay Park, Kangta, Jo Seho and a few others. They were absolutely amazing in learning and performing traditional Chinese opera. I am not sure how long they were at the schools, but it was a very short period of time and they were required to compete in front of a large audience in traditional attire and makeup. All of artists were fabulous, but I applaud the most to the Korean ones, it was difficult enough with the language and culture barriers. Excellent program that entertains and to bring new light to traditional arts.

Full episodes on Youtube, no English subtitles, in Mandarin Chinese

Themesong – I wished Jang-oppa had performed with them too, but Kim Jong Kook and the other were great:

Aren’t those opera dolls super cute? I really want one. XD

Newly acquired fanlisting for Kakashi and Sakura

My third approved fanlisting for 2013 is one that I’ve been eying for a very long time now. I absolutely adore the relationship between Kakasahi and Sakura for canon and non-canon ones. ♥ Well..mainly for latter for fanfictions. XD Please do join by clicking on the image below if you are a fan of this pairing in any shape or form, from comrades to friends to lovers and anything in between.


Ayase Chihaya and Mashima Taichi fanlisting obtained

Guess what I had submitted my application for the Chihaya and Taichi fanlisting at TAFL and it was approved yesterday! Woohoo!! Since this pairing is quite popular among fans of the Chihayafuru anime/manga series, it would have been snatched already. I am truly happy to be its new owner to the rabu rabu between the two can be spread! XD

Chihayafuru is amazing, I had watched its anime a few weekend ago and fell in love with its characters along with the Japanese One Hundred Poems and karuta. Taichi is such a sweetheart and always being there for Chihaya. One can see how much he cares and loves her. Chihaya’s passion for karuta is unrival and can be selfish at times, but I admire her determine to spread her love of this sport with everyone and become #1 in Japan with her teammates. She can be an airhead when her main focus is nothing but karuta. Hopefully one day she will see Taichi more than just a friend.


Kise Ryota x Kuroko Tetsuya fanlisting acquired

Kyaa~~ I truly cannot resist these two adorable characters from Kuroko no Basuke and had to send in my application for their relationship fanlisting at TAFL. I was overjoyed when the approval email was received. XD If you haven’t seen the anime or read the manga, I strongly urge you to try. A single millisecond would not be wasted, I reassure you.

Kise and Kuroko’s relationship is a humorous yet captivating one between the two former teammates, now rivals and friends. Though, Kise believes they are the best of friends, which Kuroko denies. LOL Well, he never was offended when Kise calls him, Kurokocchi, I think he is just being shy, ne. They respect one another on many levels and can honestly have a heart-to-heart conversation. No matter how they are paired – friends, teammates, rivals, or lovers (my inner Yaoi fangirl screaming here LOL ) – their chemistry is amazing. :glassy:

The layout for the fanlisting site is simple and clean. I went with a gray background and pastel colors which blended in nicely the Kise x Kuroko image at the bottom. There were some difficulties when adding the two chibis at the top; they did not seem cohesive with the overall layout due to their coloring. Some adjustments were made and a good hour of time, but everything seem to fall into place afterwards. I’m quite happy with the full results…though, the codes/buttons are another story. I’ll deal with them over the weekend if a few minutes could be spared.

Don’t be shy and click on image to join the Kise Ryota x Kuroko Tetsuya fanlisting….

New Zoro x Sanji doujinshi and fanfic fanlistings acquired

When I found that the doujinshi and fanfiction categories were available at TAFL for my favorite One Piece pairing, Roronoa Zoro and Sanji, I was truly ecstatic. XD You know me and fanlistings LOL …so off I went to send my applications. After a good few hours during last weekend, the website was finally completed. Woot!

I was quite pleased with the process since no obstacles were encountered, had experienced numerous of these for my previous fanlistings and boy was I pulling my hair out. However, this one went by like a breeze, I had loads of fun deciding on which images to use and hand-coding the site. I wanted to keep things as simple and clean as possible since my time was limited…RL has been extremely busy so this had to be completed ASAP. The layout is nothing fancy, just a two lovely images drawn by the talented Saruya Hachi. I might go back when time permits and change a few things, but all is sufficient for the time being.

Hehe…creativity do not striking me at the time so the title is just Kore wa koi? It translates to This is love? Sanji and Zoro’s relationship is ambivalent with many kinks that needs to work. However, their level of respect and trust for one another is tremendous. They are nakama, rivals and best of friends. I added the question since love can be transpired into many forms – family, friendship and soul mates. So no matter how they are paired, the specific sentimental feeling is evident. Quite fitting for our Kenshi-san and Cook-san, ne?

Now, don’t be shy…if you are a ZoSan or SanZo doujinshi and/or fanfic fan, please join by clicking on the buttons below: