Boys Love Meme

MashimaroDanceJust because I can LOL

001. What is your name and today’s date?
Fiona. The last day in October of 2015.

002. How old are you, approximately?
Early 30’s

003. Who are your favorite BL Mangakas?
Youka Nitta
Hajin Yoo
Yoneda Kou
Tachibana Venio
Minase Masara
Matoh Sanami
Kawai Touko

004. What are some good BL mangas you’ve read lately?
Flutter by Tenzen Momoko
False Memories by Ikasama Memori
Starting with a Kiss by Nitta Youka
Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume o Miru by Mizushiro Setona

005. Do you prefer serious or comedy?
It always depends on my current mood, but I normally pick comedy.

006. Name a manga that made you cry?
Let Dai is quite heartbreaking, reminds us that love is painful yet beautiful.

007. Name a manga that made you laugh?
False Memories by Ikasama Memori

008. What kind of Seme characters do you like?
Image of an ice-prince, but is kindhearted and passionate.

009. What kind of Uke characters do you like?
A man who is comfortable in his own skin and has strong personality.

010. What kind of Seme character do you DISLIKE?
Possessive and easy jealous.

011. What kind of Uke characters do you DISLIKE?
Girlish, cowardly and crybabies.

012. What kind of setting is a turn on?
Hmm… this is a given, an intriguing story with good developing characters.

013. What kind of setting is a turn off?
I really dislike situations with abusive behavior and rape.

014. What do you think about mangas that don’t have any “H” aspects?
It’s absolutely fine, there has been many wonderful and enjoyable shounen-ai mangas with no sex scenes.

015. Do you like Younger semes?
Age doesn’t really matter, as long as, they are in love.

016. Do you like clumsy, cowardly semes?
Not really.

017. Do you like school settings?
At times, depends on story.

018. Do you like macho men?
Yeah, who doesn’t. XD

019. Do you like long-haired guys?
Most definitely, they are absolutely smexy!

020. Do you like girly boys?
Nope, yaoi should have two macho guys rolling in the sack.

021. Do you like S&M stories?
This is my least favorite genre.

022. Do you read BL novels?
Yep, I have read Feng Yu Jiu Tian by Liu Wei and S by Aida Saki

023. Do you listen to BL drama CDs?
Wish I could, not fluent in Japanese, maybe one day.

024. Are there any manga besides BL that you enjoy?
One Piece
Skip Beat
Bokura ga Ita
Hapi Mari
Fullmetal Alchemist
Saraiya Goyou
100% Perfect Girl

025. What are your favorite shounen-ai manga?
Seven Days
Totally Captivated
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru
Yami no Matsuei

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 8

Day Eight – A picture/clip of a scene from a filler episode you loved

I am not much of a fan when it comes to filler, which is much different from fanfiction. However, the G8 arc from One Piece had changed my mine. This is when the storywriters actually do their research and illustrating a very entertaining and somewhat canon to the original story. It has just the right amount of humor, drama and interactions that makes you want to keep on watching along with nicely done animation.


For once Sanji is not infatuated with the ladies. I also wish that there were more chefs like him, we would have much less waste with his cooking ethics.

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 6

Day Six – Most annoying anime character

I normally do not find too many unlikable characters, however, Nina Einstein from Code Geass was an exception. I really do not mind her having a crush celebrity crush on Euphie…well it is quite evident in the series it is more that that, but I am not going define it any further. But her xenophobic behaviors toward the Japanese and continues to called them Elevens are what I find to be the most obnoxious. How blatant of a racist can one be?