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Trailer and Themesong announced for Shinobi no Kuni starring Ohno Satoshi

Is everyone psyched about this?! I am super pumped up and cannot wait to see Oh-chan in action.

Johnny’s super group Arashi will be singing the theme song for the upcoming ninja film “Shinobi no Kuni”.

Arashi’s leader Satoshi Ohno is the leading man in the film, playing the role of “Mumon”. A lazy but very elite ninja who has gained much notoriety due to his skills. One day Mumon takes takes a job that requires him to kill a ninja from another family, what he doesn’t know is that his actions lead to a bloody battle between Oda Nobunaga’s army and the ninja of the Iga Province, who Mumon belongs to.

Supporting cast include Satomi Ishihara who will be playing Mumon’s wife Okuni. Ryohei Suzuki, Yusuke Ieyasu, and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Chinen Yuri round out the rest of the main cast.
The theme song titled “Tsunagu” will be Arashi’s 52nd single overall. It will be released in the standard CD only and limited edition CD+DVD versions. The high energy song features prominent electric guitars and shamisen, perfectly melding the two styles of past and present. The last time Arashi sang a movie theme song was for the 2013 hit “Platinum Data”. With such an all star cast and the power of Arashi behind the film “Shinobi no Kuni” will no doubt be one of Japan’s biggest hits of the summer.

“Tsunagu” will be released on June 28th, 2017 while “Shinobi no Kuni” hits theaters on July 1st.

Shinobi no Kuni Trailer:

Source: AramaJapan

Here’s some Oh-chan spam XD





Ninomiya Kazunari to star in latest Higashino Keigo adaption, Platina Data

On January 26th, it was announced that Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi will be starring in an upcoming movie titled,”Platina Data“.

“Platina Data” is based on a novel by famed writer Higashino Keigo. Set in 2017, it tells the story of a young brilliant scientist named Kagura Ryuhei (Ninomiya), who works as a DNA specialist for the National Police Agency in the newly created underwater DNA data center. One day, he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in the murder case of the person who developed the new DNA investigation system. Having no memory of what actually happened, Kagura decides to run away from the police.

Ninomiya commented, “It’s an incredible story that lets you take a look at a not too distant future… It’s an honor to be involved in this project.”

It was also announced that the detective in charge of the pursuit, Asama Reiji, will be played by actor Toyokawa Etsushi.

“I’m really happy to be able to work with Toyokawa. I can learn so many things from him,” Ninomiya said. “I’ll immediately start the preparations in order to be able to keep up with him.”

Toyokawa commented, “I’ve always thought of Ninomiya as a wonderful and young actor with a great individuality, from whom I can still learn a couple of things myself. I can’t wait to interact with him.”

The filming will begin in February, which gives Ninomiya a few more days to study the latest reports about DNA research, as he said. Aside from the science factor, the movie is said to include various dynamic action scenes as well. Distributor Toho stated that they want to create an epic mystery on the level of a Hollywood movie.

“Platina Data” will not appear in cinemas before 2013.

From Tokyohive

Looks like another great movie for Nino, I love the sci-fic and mystery factors and cannot wait to see it!

Nino and Matsuyama unlock what makes GANTZ so appealing

The much anticipated live action film adaptation of the GANTZ manga series will be released in Japan on January 29. Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya and Kenichi Matsuyama sat down with Ori-Suta to tell us about the memories of the story and how they got along on set.

Q: I’ve heard that both of you were fans of the original manga series. What made you start to read it?

Ninomiya: I first heard about it while I was reading weekly manga magazines. I always read them while I was on the train on the way to TV stations. Back then I was a (Johnny’s) junior so I’d go from my house to the TV station to be a back dancer for my seniors when they were on music shows. Luckily there was always a senior group on TV every week so I could buy a magazine every Friday. Mind you, I’d always be reading it the day after it went on sale.

Matsuyama: I first saw “GANTZ” while it was a series on (Weekly) Young Jump, but towards the end. I first heard about it when I read an advertisement for it in the train. The pictures were really pretty, and that got my attention. It made me wonder what kind of manga it was. When I started reading it, I got distracted by the beautiful pictures again. It made me see that Oku sensei was trying something different, that was his challenge, and by that point I was hooked.

Ninomiya: That’s true. The finishing touches to the pictures were so unique, almost like a digital picture. The lines (Oku) sensei would draw looked so sharp.

Q: What do you think makes this movie different?

Ninomiya: ……I guess the fact that we’re wearing funny outfits? (laughs)

Matsuyama: (laughs) that and, you know how in movies the main character always fits the hero role. But Kurono and Kato aren’t real heroes, and I think the fact that they’re normal people is what makes this movie special. Young men living in today’s society happen to become heroes, happen to become the enemy, you don’t see that in other movies. They’re not showing people that heroes have weaknesses…it’s more that they’re like everyone else in the world, their lives are complicated.

Ninomiya: Yeah, it’s modern. They suddenly find themselves in world where they’re the stars, and the longer they stay in that environment, the more they let that become the norm. They don’t think about working harder to get somewhere, they let themselves become spoilt in the present. It adds something new to the hero genre, and it’s fun to watch because you don’t know whether they’re getting fired up or are being selfish.

Q: With this being an adaptation from an original manga, don’t you get distracted by the image you have of your characters in the original story?

Ninomiya: Not really. I think everyone has the same image of Kurono and Kato as me. I don’t get worried about things like, ‘the manga’s pictures are like this’, or, ‘the original story says that’, and it doesn’t make work harder or easier. Of course, I was always reading the manga, especially in between scenes on set. But I never studied from it for the movie.

Matsuyama: With the manga you have one visual image. But when you introduce a real person who acts into the situation, I think you have to be careful to not stray too far from that image. That’s not to say that the closer you get, the better it is. There are a lot of things in the manga and film that don’t gel well together. With films there area a lot of things you have to get right, and as an actor you have to respect that. The other thing is that although the manga series is still going on, you have to provide an ending to the movie. So what makes this film adaptation different from others is that we had to bring in our own ending to the story. On that note, it makes sense to say that the original manga series wasn’t my main study guide while I was working.

From Momoedgewood

Always love these types of interviews where the actors provide their insight of the original source, even better that they are fans. The promo in the US has been intense, I’ve been receiving notices from multiple mailing lists regarding the movie. Cannot wait to see it!!