Arashi Challenge Month: Day 30

Day Thirty – Favorite fanfics of your Arashi OTP

Woohoo, the final post for my Arashi Challenge Month meme! *does a little happy dance* I know that I took my good old time doing this, RL does get in the way sometimes. LOL But I had loads of fun and encourage everyone to do one of these whenever they have the time.

Without a doubt, my OTP from Arashi is JunToshi! XD Their chemistry together is unrivaled, from singing to MC’ing, they are best as a pair. Although, they have no common interests, they get along surprisingly well and bring out the best in one another. They are usually more relaxed and comfortable in each other company. Jun-kun only goes to his DoS mode if Riida has switch on his DoM. LOL These moments are often hilarious, entertaining and cute.


Here are my top favorite Juntoshi fanfics:

    Hung Up On Love by mylittlecthulhu
    Like the Stars by mylittlecthulhu
    A Golden Moon by mylittlecthulhu
    After All by resolute_reader
    The First Times by bokunosubete
    Four times Jun and Ohno tried to share a hobby and one time they almost did by wingsonwords
    Midnight Clear by r-tenou
    Surprises are not always a good thing by doctoggy
    Just came to say hello by
    The Lost Key by yun-miyake

Recommended Fanfics: Zoro x Sanji from One Piece

While still in the ZoSan or SanZo mood, I had updated the fanfic recommendation page via my new fanlisting for the pairing. I decided to share the compilation here as well since it’s pretty comprehensive. Hehe…you can tell by the list that my admiration for them is tremendous. What is not to love of Zoro and Sanji? Their never-ending rivalry, childish bickering, unparalleled strength and nakama-ship. XD So here is to my first yaoi/shonen-ai recommendation list:

Source: Zerochan

Recommended Fanfics: Ren x Kyoko from Skip Beat!

Happy May, minna-san! I’m sure life is treating everyone well; it’s been busy, busy on my end but still quite enjoyable! For today’s recommended pairing fanfics, I’m going to present Tsuruga Ren and Mogami Kyoko from one of my favorite shojo manga/anime, Skip Beat!

I truly believe that Kyoko is perfect for Ren. His spirits (good or bad) were almost immediately lifted upon her arrival after being soul-less for so many years due to a number of factors from his past. On the flip side, Ren symbols as a pillar of strength for Kyoko; he tends encourages her try harder, in hopes that she will becoming successfully in the future and eventually surpass him. He also notes to her that goals should not be driven by something superficial like revenge; it should be for herself and no one else. In additional, locked/hidden emotions of the two gradually surface as time goes on, these of which can only be provoked by one other. It’s more than love, ne?!

Don't they just make one sweet and adorable couple?

  1. Immune by Bobapearl (Completed)
  2. The CoStar Killer by momoirousagichan (Completed)
  3. Just a Dream by Yuzuyu-chan 21 (Completed)
  4. Love Is Bullshit by kurushi (Completed, One-shot)/li>
  5. Unexpected Surprise by Sango51893 (Completed, One-shot)
  6. The Envelope by chocolatexlover (Completed)
  7. Time to Suck out the Poison by Bobapearl (Completed)
  8. Skip Engagement by AnimeOtaku4444
  9. Always Be My Baby by Kris Black
  10. Baby Ren by ZionX
  11. 6. 8. 12. by buloy
  12. Ludwig’s Metronome by oneleggedstraycat

Recommended Fanfics: Sanji x Nami from One Piece

Happy February! Can you believe it’s already the 33rd day of 2012? I didn’t realize it until this morning when the calendar was changed (yep I’m a day behind ). January sure had flown by quick and I’m still vigorously working on my new year’s resolutions, bet it’s the same for minna-san. Anyway, this time around for my fanfic recommends, I present Sanji and Nami from the infamous One Piece manga/anime.

I’ve been an avid fan of the pairing since my first encounter with the series many, many moons ago. They are adore together and compliment each other with their dreams (All Blue and creating a map of the entire world (the One Piece universe that is), crew colors (blue and orange) and childhood stories (working against or for).

Okay, many may say that Sanji would fawn over any woman that steps in his path. Though, this is valid on the surface, however, Nami holds a special place in his heart. This is evident when he officially joins the crew because she was in danger. He also drops everything and goes to her immediately when in need. Another factor would be how he addresses her, Nami-san is used unlike the other ladies in the series such as Robin-chan or Vivi-chan. Oda-sensei (mangaka of One Piece) had once said, Nami is precious to him and chan is mainly for fun.

On the flip side, Nami also gives him a unique treatment and not to any other male crew member by calling him Sanji-kun. From my understanding, the honorific (kun), this mainly used with a male that you are close with such a friend, classmate, younger brother or boyfriend. The kanji (君) used to write kun in Japanese is the same used to write kimi – the familiar form of “you” often used between sweethearts.1 Do we feel the love between them?

ミカンと午睡 by syb @

  1. 30 Days of SaNa by dandy wonderous (Completed)
  2. Navigating Love by animefreak5483 (Completed)
  3. Problems of the Love Cook by animefreak5483 (Completed)
  4. A Snowball Chance by VirgoMaiden (Completed)
  5. Cupcake by AllBlueChaser (Completed, One-shot)
  6. Deadline by Dixxy Mouri (Completed)
  7. Flowers for You and Me by Dancing Nightmare (Completed, One-shot
  8. Kiss Kiss by dandy wonderous (Completed)
  9. Love makes you Stupid! by PRMSA 855 (Completed, One-shot)
  10. Sentimental Labyrinth by Kaori-chan2 (Completed)
  11. Upset by Dixxy Mouri (Completed, One-shot)
  12. Yappari As Expected by Namibean (Complete, One-Shot)


Recommended Fanfics: Zero x Yuuki from Vampire Knight

I’ve been fond of the Zero Kiryu x Yuuki Cross pairing ever since the Vampire Knight anime was watched. Not only is their their relationship touching and bittersweet, but also complex and complicated, which are the key factors to why they are a favorite. Also, thanks to them, my liking of the angst romance genre had bloomed. I truly believe relationships will grow stronger and will be treasured more if turbulence and obstacles were to be experienced. This will bring forth true happiness and fluff that we all love. Here is my list in no specific order:

  1. Hold me by YenGirl (Completed)
  2. Angel In Disguise by VampireWriter114 (One-shot, Completed)
  3. The Pureblood’s Secret< by SarahNataliaLee (Completed)
  4. Coming Home to You by BlackRoseOpal (Completed)
  5. Beauty in the Breakdown by Alaena Night (AU, Incomplete)
  6. Unforgivable by Tishannia (Incomplete)
  7. In The Summer’s Twilight by Pieces Of Hope (Incomplete)
  8. Curse of the Vampire Twins by Ekko Rayne (Oneshot, Completed)
  9. Longing by Cosmic Moon Baby (One-shot, Completed)
  10. Alive At Last by VampireWriter114 (One-shot, Completed)
  11. Vampire Knight: Bleeding Love by Michi4 (Incomplete)