30 Days of Arashi

Day 01 – Five Favorite B-sided Arashi Songs
Day 02 – A rumor about any of the members that left an impression on you.
Day 03 – An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off
Day 04 – Favorite Nino cover (like the one he sings on Baystorm)
Day 05 – Favorite AnS Moment
Day 06 – Favorite Member Engrish
Day 07 – Quote from a Non-Single Song
Day 08 – A Sho picture you can’t take your eyes off
Day 09 – Favorite Arashi PV
Day 10 – Eight random Juntoshi gifs that you have saved
Day 11 – An Arashi/Member moment that makes you laugh your ass off
Day 12 – Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen
Day 13 – Favorite Arashi fanart artist
Day 14 – Member I’d Take Over the World With
Day 15 – Favorite Arashi Quote (except from songs)
Day 16 – A Nino picture you can’t take your eyes off
Day 17 – The first Arashi-related drama you thought of the moment you read this
Day 18 – Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment
Day 19 – A MatsuJun pic you can’t take your eyes off
Day 20 – Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 21 – What is one of your favorite Arashi group shots?
Day 22 – Favorite HnA Moment
Day 23 – Chibi Arashi picture
Day 24 – An Aiba picture you can’t take your eyes off
Day 25 – Favorite Arashi Solo
Day 26 – Favorite Concert DVD
Day 27 – A Fanwork (made by you or others)
Day 28 – Which Arashi member would you want to be your brother?
Day 29 – Favorite Senpai-Kouhai collaboration
Day 30 – Favorite fanfics of your Arashi OTP

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