Baka, can you be any more stupid?

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Ha…I can tell you that is definitely untrue. Having worked closely with customers and the familiarity of the tech support area. Though, I work in the admin side of web hosting, it is quite hard to place a barrier between customers and me. I’ve had my shared of baka customers that that longest ruler wouldn’t be able to measure. Each time I would explain the procedures the nth time using multiple methods and the connection still would not be made. I guess it is a matter of how it is interpreted by the individual, some of them do not even realize that they have continuously asked the same question several times. It is just a manner of time, when the little light bulb over their heads emits brightness. The question is how long would that take…! Ten, twenty years or never! Been dealing with baka customers all day, needed to vent!

Arashi – We can make it! PV

It’s been a while since I have seem this PV, one of favorites among the ones which Arashi has filmed. Though, it’s simple, it always brings a smile on the most gloomiest day. May I say, they look absolutely handsome in military jackets! It quite a catchy and inspirational song, makes you want to bounce around with them.

The lyrics with its translation can be found at


Aiba Masaski – Into a hole

Hehe…just had to shared this clip, laughing my head off as I type this post. Too hilarious, Aiba showing off his bakaness on one of his variety shows – that’s why he is sooo adorable!