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V6 band

I was browsing on Imeem for some new tunes and came across some wonderful songs sang by V6. Just wondered why I didn’t stumble upon them sooner. Well, late than never; their songs are quite enjoyable – upbeat and lively – below are some of faves:

Clannad – After Story

Jumping with joy at the moment, I had finished watching the extra episode of Clannad and previewed the 15 second CM of the After Story. I’m grinning non-stop, quite excited to know that Kyoto Animation has decided to proceed with a 2nd season. I felt dissatisfied and disappointed on how the anime had ended, there were so many unanswered questions. Now, I cannot wait to see it, more of Tomoya and Nagisa please….

15 second After Story preview:

One Piece Wii – Unlimited Adventure

My brother was home over the weekend and brought a copy of the new One Piece Wii game along. I’m quite excited to see the entire Mugiwara crew playable on the Wii console. From the reviews and trailers, it appears very little had been altered from the Japanese version, which I am quite relieved. If time permits, I’ll play on it tonight and let you know my thoughts later.

Below is the Japan version of the cover, definitely much, much better than the American one.

One Piece Wii - Unlimited Adventure - Japan Version

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