Arashi – Dream-A-Live Album released

Both the regular and limited covers for Arashi’s new album, Dream-A-Live, are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to purchase both of them, however, I had decided to wait until the Final Time DVD arrives first. Don’t want to spoil myself too much! The Limited Edition tracklist is quite impressive with a total of 18 songs (5 solos are not included with Regular Edition). They have outdone themselves this time, only two previous singles – Happiness and Step & Go – were added while the rest are new songs.

dreamaliveregular dreamalivelimited
Regular Edition Limited Edition

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CJ7 – new Stephen Chow movie

Just finished watching the new trailer for CJ7 (I know I’m a bit behind :D) and was laughing my head off. It’s been a while since I have been a Chow film, the ones I have seen to date have not disappointed me. I’m quite surprise this one is a sci-fic genre, something that Chow never had step foot into. It looks quite promising and humorous, definitely has the Chow flavor. I am certainly looking forward to getting the DVD.



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Arashi – Summer Tour 2007 Final Time


I hadn’t notice that Arashi’s 2007 Summer Final Time Tour was released on DVD until few days ago. (I did see a CM of it a while back and added to my Arashi things-to-buy.) It’s on a pricey side, but decided to treat myself. Cannot wait to watch it, their concerts are always so enjoyable – energetic and extremely fun. One can never get bored watch them!! A copy can be ordered at Yesasia.