Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 23

Day 23: Recommend an old TV series that Kim Nam-Gil starred in

I recently finished watching When Spring Come and am going to recommend it to everyone. It is quite underrated and tend to be brushed under the table when it comes to Kim Nam-Gil’s works. He is credited under his stage name (Lee Han) here. This series is does not require brain surgery, lighthearted and comical in many ways, and has superb supporting cast like Lee Soon-Jae and Kim Kap-Soo

Here’s a mini introduction to the series:

Clips from series, Nam-Gil oppa was such a cutie when he was young:

Also, the full opening themesong ( 꽃피는 봄이 오면 ), which was a delight to listen to, wish the series OST was still available to be purchased though:

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 22

Day 22: An anime character that you would like Kim Nam-Gil to portray in live action

I think Nam-Gil oppa would make one awesome Vinsmoke Sanji from the One Piece anime/manga series. I adore his Sanji’s Mr. Prince persona. He is quirky, suave, kind, funny, dorky, intelligent, master of many crafts, and attractive. He normally combats with his slender long legs and tries to protect his hand due to his culinary profession, but he is as skillful with knives in battle. Nam-Gil oppa would definitely pull a superb mature version of this character – cool as a cucumber, but little insane when it comes to the ladies. lol

I sense a bit of Sanji in Nam-Gil oppa when he was doing his roundhouse kicks in The Fiery Priest. hehe Here’s a sample of Sanji’s kick-ass moves from One Piece Movie Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals:

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 21

Day 21: Most favorite commercial of Kim Nam-Gil

These are super precious since he rarely appears in commercials now-in-days, mainly from his Bidam era. I watched a few of them, found this one to be the most adorable. Nam-Gil oppa is just being himself and having fun, not in his bad guy mode. He looks amazing in denim with his hair tied up in a samurai bun. His interactions with the Spanish amigos are hilarious and priceless. I also like the concept of the commercial – being a youngster on the road, exploring new places, finding new friends, and bonding over good music and a nice beverage.

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 20

Day 20: Most favorite character outfit that Kim Nam-Gil wore

Hwarang Bidam

The casual attire is my ultimate favorite! The one where he is out and about, not tending to palace business. lol Oppa here sure looks smexy, love his long tied-up hair, very bishounen-like. Day or night, happy or sorrow, he is perfect. XD He is one bad-ass in battle, no matter what type of weapon he has at hand.

Source: Hancinema and Facebook