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This is history being made, keep on plowing through this!! 加油香港!!

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 30

Day 30: Last clip you saw of Kim Nam-Gil

I saw this about an hour ago, had no idea what it was about. I am a simple girl, saw Kim Nam-Gil’s name and clicked. lol Seems to be the Closet movie promotion since Ha Jung-Woo is there?? Or is it for his upcoming fan meets? I really need brush up on Korean. hehe All I can say is that he look very smexy!

I also cannot believe this will be my last entry to my Kim Nam-Gil challenge. Though, it took me more than 30 days to finish. This has bought me much fun and happiness.

Oppa, you have made me a fan for life, forever supporting you! Keep staying healthy and happy, salanghae!

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 29

Day 29: Favorite Kim Nam-Gil Road Show

It would be the Kim Nam Gil Special Stage 2016 Road Show. I stumbled upon a few clips on Youtube and would love to get my hands on a copy of its DVD. Oppa has a nice singing voice, which I enjoy listening to, and probably with some training, he would make a good professional singer. He is best with upbeat songs like Here I Am (originally by Min Kyung Hoon), suits more of his true personality. I never really got into Can’t I Love You?, Bidam’s character song from Queen Seondeok. Okay, sue me? lol Hopefully,  his outcoming road show will feature him singing The Fiery Priest OST. Wouldn’t that be a treat?!

Teasers that someone had so kindly shared:

Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 28

Day 28: A clip that you saw of Kim Nam-Gil and wanted more

There’s plenty! hehe Many times, it is one of his older works that I had no interested in or maybe his stage name, Lee Han, has little appeal to me. I am always proven wrong lol and completely sold after a single dip. hehe This really defines KNG — once you have a taste, there is no going back.

Most recently was from Lovers (2006), starring Lee Seo-Jin and Kim Jung-Eun, Nam-Gil oppa is one of his henchmen. XD

Indeed it is hard being a minion. LOL So funny with his not-so-impressed expression and flower shirt! Guess I’m going to watch a Lee Seo-Jin drama now! I’m quite familiar with him from Three Meal a Day, which is a very enjoyable reality/variety show. He is one ahjussi that I approve of. hehe Now off I go scouring the Internet for a copy of Lovers. hehe