Home Chef Meal Deliveries for January 2016

I cannot believe that our 8th box was ordered last week from HomeChef, which has been an absolute delightful service for cooking meals at home. Depending on their meal selection, I may order once or twice a month. Noticeable they have upgraded their game this year and offering premium meals more frequently along with a better selection of low calorie, gluten-free and paleo options. They are truly a winner on all aspects. I have not have any complaints yet – well-packaged insulated boxes (recyclable), super fresh ingredient and superb recipes. The meals are always flavorful and so scrumptious, devoured within a few minutes. XD

I now present to you some food-porn
Box # 7
1) Parisian Bistro Steak with Potatoes Dauphinoise and Green Beans
2) Sous-Vide Southern Baby Back Ribs with Hush Puppies and Collard Greens
3) Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple Slaw and Vegetable Rice
4) Fruit basket (could not resist and had one of the clementines before the picture was taken lol, total of 7 fruits were included) – ripe, juicy and fresh

  • Home Chef Box 7
  • DSC00657
  • DSC00661
  • DSC00653

Box # 8
1) Sous-Vide Pork Osso Buco with Parmesan Risotto, Mushroom-Shallot Sauce, and Tomato-Thyme Relish
2) Shrimp Jambalaya with Okra, Peas, and Roasted Red Peppers
3) Brasserie-Style Sirloin Steak with Truffle Frites, Green Beans, and Herb Butter

  • DSC00677
  • DSC00689
  • DSC00671

Looking to try, click on the banner below. I can assure you that it would be one of the best decisions you had made. XD

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MatsuJun’s new drama

Happy Friday, minna-san!

I saw this on Tumblr a few minutes ago and really really hope its true:


The last Jun-kun drama I saw was Lucky Seven and its Special, which was brilliant and funny. I did not get a chance to watch Shitsuren Chocolatier nor had the urge to, maybe one day. However, I do look forward to any new projects from him.

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What am I presently watching – Winter 2016?

It has been a while since I watched any JDoramas, been sucked into the Hallyu wave and was quite difficult to return due to their easy accessible on sites like DramaFever and Hulu when RL is so busy. KDramas have their own uniqueness and there are so many, many smexy stars (*cough* Lee Hong Ki & Jang Hyuk). :-*> However, I made it a 2016 New Year’s resolution to watch at least two each season and found more than I expected.

Kaito YamanekoFirst up is Kaito Yamaneko starring Kamenashi Kazuya and Narimiya Hiroki. Kame portrays Yamaneko who is a thief that steals money using strategic and tactical planning while exposing their evil wrongdoings of large corporations. I was quite drawn by its goofy and comical plot (just what I need now in days) and of course, Kame and Hiroki-kun. XD I did found the first two episodes quite wicked with a dash of good action, humor and action along with a pitch of the neko-theme. Acting is quite good and story-line had kept me interested, I am waiting anxiously for episode 3 now.

696px-Sanada_MaruSanada Maru, which is a NHK taiga series that stars Sakai Masato as Sanada Nobushige. Anything that Sakai-san casts is a must for me and I am a fool for historical pieces and even for the Sengoku period. XD These are always a fun way to learn more about Japanese history with a twist. NHK has started uploading short 5-minute recaps of each episode on the Sanada Maru site, subbed in English if anyone is interested.

FragileFragile stars Nagase Tomoya, which is based from a manga about a handsome and brilliant pathologist who is intensely eccentric and brutally honest. Sort of like Gregory House from the American hit series, House M.D., ne?! Nagase’s acting is top notch here with his quirky, cranky and self-centered portrayal as Keiichiro Kishi. I am looking forward to how his character develops and more interactions with the other characters in the story.

Other mentions are Specialist and Watashi wo Hanasanaide that I have not started watching, but seems to have a solid cast and intriguing plot.

Any recommendations, minna-san?

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SMAP & Johnny’s Jimusho

I am sure by now minna-san has mixed feeling about the news on SMAP not disbanding. I have been recently following Yanie’s LiveJournal, who is a wonderful SMAP fan and very informed about their situation. Using her reliable resources, she provides translations from Japanese news articles along with her own opinions. I highly recommend that you give it a skim which provides in-depth details of fiasco with Johnny’s Jimusho about their “empress,” Mary Kitagawa and her daughter, Julie.

Though, SMAP-san did confirm that they will continue as a group, however, their live TV apology was not reassuring nor comforting. It was more like they were being held at gun point with cue cards, so depressing and disturbing. This verifies that Johnny’s Jimusho are tyrants, especially this senile 89-year Mary. I am not sure if Julie becoming the Jimusho’s president would completing remove her mother nor do we know how capable her managing skills are. Mary is one scary individual and we cannot count on Johnny-san any longer, something has happened to him and hopefully, not for the worse. I also pray that SMAP-san will leave this agency once their contract expires together with specific rights, away from all of this evilness.

SMAP’s TV apology:

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