My first ever K-drama – Bride of the Century

Hehe…I finally jumped onto the KDrama bandwagon and started watching Bride of the Century, which stars on other than Lee Hong Ki. The first couple of episodes have been quite entertaining with its witty dialogue and humorous scenes with the right amount of seriousness, character development and fantasy elements. Although, Hongki was the one that pulled me into the drama, Yang Jin Sung is definitely the star with her brilliant acting as both Na Doo Rim and Jang Yi Kyung. The leads also make an adorable couple and their chemistry is impeccable. By the way, Hongki looks so stylish and handsome with his black hair and suave suits, I won’t mind him keept this attire for forever. ♥♥


Now for some Hongki and kitty cuteness…


Kyaa~~ Got I love his smirky, reminds me of his We Got Married Global episodes. Oh kitty-chan how I envy you.:D

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30 Days of Anime – Day 8

Day Eight – A picture/clip of a scene from a filler episode you loved

I am not much of a fan when it comes to filler, which is much different from fanfiction. However, the G8 arc from One Piece had changed my mine. This is when the storywriters actually do their research and illustrating a very entertaining and somewhat canon to the original story. It has just the right amount of humor, drama and interactions that makes you want to keep on watching along with nicely done animation.


For once Sanji is not infatuated with the ladies. I also wish that there were more chefs like him, we would have much less waste with his cooking ethics.

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