What am I presently watching – Winter 2016?

It has been a while since I watched any JDoramas, been sucked into the Hallyu wave and was quite difficult to return due to their easy accessible on sites like DramaFever and Hulu when RL is so busy. KDramas have their own uniqueness and there are so many, many smexy stars (*cough* Lee Hong Ki & Jang Hyuk). :-*> However, I made it a 2016 New Year’s resolution to watch at least two each season and found more than I expected.

Kaito YamanekoFirst up is Kaito Yamaneko starring Kamenashi Kazuya and Narimiya Hiroki. Kame portrays Yamaneko who is a thief that steals money using strategic and tactical planning while exposing their evil wrongdoings of large corporations. I was quite drawn by its goofy and comical plot (just what I need now in days) and of course, Kame and Hiroki-kun. XD I did found the first two episodes quite wicked with a dash of good action, humor and action along with a pitch of the neko-theme. Acting is quite good and story-line had kept me interested, I am waiting anxiously for episode 3 now.

696px-Sanada_MaruSanada Maru, which is a NHK taiga series that stars Sakai Masato as Sanada Nobushige. Anything that Sakai-san casts is a must for me and I am a fool for historical pieces and even for the Sengoku period. XD These are always a fun way to learn more about Japanese history with a twist. NHK has started uploading short 5-minute recaps of each episode on the Sanada Maru site, subbed in English if anyone is interested.

FragileFragile stars Nagase Tomoya, which is based from a manga about a handsome and brilliant pathologist who is intensely eccentric and brutally honest. Sort of like Gregory House from the American hit series, House M.D., ne?! Nagase’s acting is top notch here with his quirky, cranky and self-centered portrayal as Keiichiro Kishi. I am looking forward to how his character develops and more interactions with the other characters in the story.

Other mentions are Specialist and Watashi wo Hanasanaide that I have not started watching, but seems to have a solid cast and intriguing plot.

Any recommendations, minna-san?

Hanzawa Naoki – One awesome Jdrama!

I just finished watching Hanzawa Naoki and absolutely fell in love with the drama, as well as, the super talented, adorable Sakai Masato. I encourage everyone to give this a try and guaranteed that you will be hooked. It is definitely more than your average man-in-suit TV series, a suspense thriller scripted and produced in all the right ways. May I say that the cast members looking dashing in their attire, there is always something charming about an ikemen no matter what age they are.

Without a doubt, this masterpiece will entertain you with its powerful performance, leaving you waiting for more after each episode. Its orchestral score which is used as the background music is stunning and builds up the needed atmosphere for each scene. Another amazing achievement is that the finale had an average of 42.2% viewership; out-rating the imfamous Kimura Takuya. Well, I guess that king needs to move aside one of these days, I still love Kimura to bits though. :lol:



Here’s its synopsis from TBS:

Hanzawa Naoki works for Tokyo Chuo Bank as the head of the Loans Division at their Osaka Nishi branch. The overbearing branch manager, Asano, forces him to award an unsecured loan of 500 million yen to Nishi Osaka Steel. On the surface, Nishi Osaka Steel seems like a very reputable company, but in actual fact it is a company in deep trouble. Debt-ridden, the company accountants resort to window-dressing the financial statements in order to hide the truth from the public. Three months after the loan, Nishi Osaka Steel goes bankrupt and the ambitious and power-hungry Asano makes Hanzawa the scapegoat for the 500 million loss. Hanzawa is called to Tokyo to answer to the internal investigations team, where he vehemently denies responsibility for the loss, and swears to recover the 500 million yen. That is the only course of action for Hanzawa, if he wants to survive in the banking industry.

Look it even has fanart, that got to tell you something….

Hanzawa Naoki Quick Sketch by ~LUN2004 on deviantART

Hanzawa Naoki by ~CrossJae on deviantART

Hanzawa Naoki by ~Lunpi on deviantART

Picspam – Sakai Masato

I finished watching Legal High and Ooku ~Tanjou and absolutely been head over heels for Sakai Masato. He is truly skilled and can really act with his eyes. He could be smiling happily, but his eyes are displaying a different emotion. How cool is that?!! XD I had checked his profile and looks like he has been around for some time now, I’m extremely excited that his talents are finally being recognized. That means more dramas for us to watch, yatta!!

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Credit for gifs: Tumblr