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Orchestral Version of Pop Songs

I had recently watched Henry from Super Junior performed the string version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal and absolutely fell in love. Not just his magnificent arrangement, but the exciting and uplifting melody that it brings. May I mention that he is also a cutie pie?! Below are a few others that I found delightful.

Smooth Criminal

Tokyo Joe




心太軟 by 任賢齊 (Richie Ren)

Happy Friday and weekend! Sharing a classic by Richie Ren, hope everyone will enjoy as much as I do. Quite nostalgic, brings a lot of memories.

曲: 心太軟 (Song Title: Too-Soft Hearted)
作詞:小蟲 (Lyricist: Johnny Chen)
作曲:小蟲 (Composer: Johnny Chen)
編曲:Christopher Troy (Arranger: Christopher Troy)


你總是心太軟 心太軟
You are always so soft-hearted, soft-hearted
Crying alone by yourself till dawn
You love that person without complain or regret
I know you are actually not that strong

#你總是心太軟 心太軟
You are always so soft-hearted, soft-hearted
把所有問題 都自己扛
Taking on all problems by yourself
相愛總是簡單 相處太難
Loving someone is always easy, but getting along is difficult
不是你的 就別再勉強
If something is not meant to be yours, then don’t force it

It is late at night but you are still not asleep
Are you still thinking of him?
Aren’t you tired from being so devoted
Knowing well that he will not come back to comfort you
Only trying to love a person well
But too bad he is unable to give you full marks
多餘的犧牲 他不懂心疼
He does not know how to appreciate and treasure all your excessive sacrifices
You are not just trying to be a good person are you

%喔 算了吧 就這樣忘了吧
Forget it, just forget it
該放就放 再想也沒有用
Let go when you should let go, it is no use thinking more about it
傻傻等待 他也不會回來
Waiting for him foolishly, but he still will not return
You should think of your own future

重唱 *,#,+,%,*,#

不是你的 就別再勉強 (x3)
If something is not meant to be yours, then don’t force it
Chinese and English Lyric Translation: AFSPOT

曲終人散 by 張宇 (Phil Chang Yu)

Didn’t I tell you that songs by Chang Yu were addictive?! Sharing another masterpiece, 曲終人散, which I had on repeat this morning while driving to work, matches today’s gloomy and rainy weather. I love how each song has its own story and so much emotional is illustrated through Chang Yu – heart-aching, sorrow and affection.

曲: 曲終人散 (Song Title: Song Ends, People Scatter)
作詞:十一郎 (Lyricist: Shi Yi Lang)
作曲:張宇 (Composer: Phil Chang Yu)
編曲:屠潁 (Arranger: Tu Ying)

Chinese and English Lyrics:
The moment you let him place a ring on your finger
I became aware of the complicated smile on your face
那原本該是我 付予你的承諾
That was originally what I’d promised to give you
Now, I could only make myself invisible within the lively atmosphere

The moment I congratulated you along with the others
Only you knew how many cups of wine I drank
I shouldn’t see you anymore
Even a glimpse more would cause pain
Even if I secretly know that you would turn around again (more…)