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Arashi – Picspam

Simply love this photoshoot, they looks so smexy and sophisticated. Just makes me happy, happy, happy!! ❤❤

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Picspam – Come Back, Ajusshi

I stumbled upon an episode of Come Back, Ajusshi last weekend, which had become my newest drama addiction. There was a large amount of media attention due to Rain on the cast list. I am only familiar to his name and nothing else, never felt the need to check his credentials, however, now I can see why…! Alright sue me for being not being on the bandwagon! lol

My mini marathon of episodes 1 through 5 have kept me entertained and glued to the television for the past two nights. The charismatic cast had performed brilliantly along with the intriguing plot and refreshing storyline. Both leads, Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, are talented amazing, hitting the comical notes wonderfully and carrying their roles to perfection. Looking forward to seeing how the story unfolded, hopefully with enough substance to keep me talking about this for years to come. This hilarious series is available through Dramafever and Viki, give it a check when you have a moment, guaranteed that it will be time well spent.

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Jang Hyuk, Picspam

Picspam – My newfound love, Jang Hyuk

I just started watching Fated to Love You and absolutely fell in love the snail couple, especially Lee Gun who is portrayed by the fabulous and charming Jang Hyuk. Not only is he super smexy, his acting is simple flawless, intoxicating, passionate and brilliant. Truly a gorgeous being and so stylish in any attire he wears. XD

Hyuk Oppa saranghae!! XXD


Bonus: Lee Gun’s laugh

First, it will be annoying and irritating, then it grows on you and finally just giggle along with him. Hahaha….

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