Recommended Fanfics: Naruto Shippuden – Kakashi x Sakura

I love Hatake Kakashi to bits and always delighted to read a well-written fanfic regarding his adventures, as well as , fandom fantasies. As an avid fan for many years, it never, ever occurred to me to pair sensei with Sakura…mine had been set on Naruto or Sasuke and her like most. It wasn’t until recently, mainly out of curiosity, I had picked up a KakaSaku story. To my surprise, the read was fabulous and the couple seem naturally fitting, nothing odd due to age, mentor-student status, etc. Well..age really doesn’t matter as long they are legal and it never has in my little world. The relationship between Kakashi and older Sakura was affectionate, complex and beautiful, they are my OTP in Naturo now. XO

So without much ado, here are my recommended fanfics for KakaSaku:

  1. House of Crows by SilverShine (completed)
  2. Duty Before Honor by SilverShine (completed)
  3. A Book of Five Rings by sakura haru (completed)
  4. The Window by SilverShine (completed)
  5. Fourteen Dates by sakura haru (completed)
  6. A Poor Imitation by leafygirl (completed)
  7. Christmas Confessions by Cynchick (one-shot, completed)
  8. Respect and Understanding by ronny-of-yore (completed)
  9. The Ronin and the Queen by leafygirl (completed)
  10. A Lesson in Chemistry by leafygirl (AU, completed)
  11. Welcome Home by Wonderfoal (one-shot, completed)
  12. The Nature of the Game by leafygirl (completed)
  13. Exposure to Fire by CelestialCircumference (one-shot, completed)
  14. The Samurai and the Oni Girl by nmmi-nut (AU, incomplete)
  15. Simple Things by Caitiy (incomplete)
  16. Scarlet Scroll by SilverShine (incomplete)

Recommended Fanfics: Gokusen – ShinKumi Part 2

It has been almost two years since I become acquainted with Gokusen and I still adore the pairing between Sawada Shin and Yamaguchi Kumiko…just cannot get enough of them. XO I truly hope that Morimoto-sensei will continue their love story and fill the void for us hardcore fans. Though, I am grateful of the short continuation which she had provided so far. Below are a few more favorites that I wanted to share (in no specific order), let’s spread the Shinkumi rabu rabu:

  1. Shall we dance? by ev1l-ch1b1-urd
  2. The Simplest Solution by orange_crushed
  3. Write for you by anenko
  4. Classroom Interlude by Linay
  5. Living Dangerously by anenko
  6. A Different Kind of Idiot by art_noveau
  7. Where The Roads Meet Again by Sakura Taichou
  8. The World You Love by innerdisintegrationn
  9. Love with Trouble by moonchild_luna
  10. A night to not remember by FearandLoathingXVIII
  11. At that Moment by ev1l-ch1b1-urd
  12. Carmel by ev1l-ch1b1-urd

Recommended Fanfic: Bleach – Ichigo x Rukia

It’s been quite some time since I had shared some fanfics, let’s have some Ichigo x Rukia fun. Though, romance has not spark between these two in the manga and anime, their special and unique bond will never shattered. You can probably feel the excitement (most definitely love) whenever Ichigo calls or looks for Rukia!

  1. Setting Sun, Rising Moon by Jaina
  2. King’s Key: The Four Prongs by RukiLex
  3. The Roles We Play by Cugami
  4. Circles by Jaina
  5. Advent by cataclysmically starry-minded
  6. Musings by Nina-chan

Recommended Fanfics: Nodame Cantabile – Chiaki x Nodame

Time for another round of recommended fanfics…. Today’s pairing will be the talented Chiaki Shinichi and the beloved hentai Noda Megumi, hehe. It’s been a while since I had seen Nodame Cantabile; really miss watching Chiaki-sama on screen. I hope there will be either a second season or another special in the near future, drama-wise.

  1. Essence of the Heart by leeleefic
  2. Nodame’s Web by kmad
  3. Cheeky Angel by xXkana-chanXx
  4. A Present For Shinichi by yurDestini
  5. All Too Fast by scribbling-pen
  6. Pathetique by xXkana-chanXx
  7. Nodame & Chiaki 50 themes by Miss Yam

Recommended Fanfics: Gokusen – ShinKumi

Happy Saturday, everyone!!! So glad it is, the last few days have been just soo hectic….

Finally had a chance to organize my cluttered bookmark list in Firefox. I was quite surprise to see how many sites had accumulated — references to projects/papers I had researching for graduate school, attention-grabbing articles, etc. Near the bottom of the list was a compilation of interested fanfics, mostly Jdrama/anime related. I’ll share a few of my favorites throughout the week. They’re quite well-written and holds the true dynamics of the characters. Today, I’ll start with Gokusen, the Shin and Kumiko pairing:

Gokusen: Shin x Kumiko

  1. True Confessions by Kiya Sama – Completed
  2. 30 kisses – Sawada x Yankumi theme by Moon Klutz – Completed
  3. Stories of Ourselves by Maresia Eterna – Completed
  4. Follow Our Memories (Sequel to Stories of Ourselves) – by Maresia Eterna – In Progress
  5. Don’t Stand So Close by BlackFire696 – In Progress
  6. Between the Two of Us by CornflowerBlue – In Progress
  7. Reward by shirotora-san – In Progress