Kim Nam-Gil Challenge Month – Day 17

Day 17: Something that left you in awe

Nam-Gil oppa’s is the master of ad-libbing — little magical
antidotes that brings additional life and charm to his characters!

During his 10Asia 2009 interview, he confirmed this was an ad-lib from Queen Seondeok. lol

From Live Up to Your Name, tripping and falling face down (starts at 1:00):

…and the majority of the Namsan Date (Episode 13):

From The Fiery Priest, the cute little mandu scene:

Another Friday without The Fiery Priest :(

Having some serious withdrawal, missing Father Michael and the gang terribly. *cry*

Credit: Twitter

For now, relying on some gifs to fill the void…

… and listening to the amazing OST, reminiscing the good old times.

Trying to hypnotize myself to believe Season 2 is just around the corner. lol

Kim Nam-Gil and pets

Aww, Nam-Gil oppa is such an animal lover. I love how he took the time to play and talked with the doggie on The Fiery Priest set. He even held him in his arms, I wish I was that pup.

I can so relate to this. LOL Tamtam is super adorable just like Oppa.

His pets are a delight, I wish oppa wasn’t such a lazy SNS now-in-days and share more of his pet pictures. lol