Recommended Fanfics: Naruto Shippuden – Kakashi x Sakura

I love Hatake Kakashi to bits and always delighted to read a well-written fanfic regarding his adventures, as well as , fandom fantasies. As an avid fan for many years, it never, ever occurred to me to pair sensei with Sakura…mine had been set on Naruto or Sasuke and her like most. It wasn’t until recently, mainly out of curiosity, I had picked up a KakaSaku story. To my surprise, the read was fabulous and the couple seem naturally fitting, nothing odd due to age, mentor-student status, etc. Well..age really doesn’t matter as long they are legal and it never has in my little world. The relationship between Kakashi and older Sakura was affectionate, complex and beautiful, they are my OTP in Naturo now. XO

So without much ado, here are my recommended fanfics for KakaSaku:

  1. House of Crows by SilverShine (completed)
  2. Duty Before Honor by SilverShine (completed)
  3. A Book of Five Rings by sakura haru (completed)
  4. The Window by SilverShine (completed)
  5. Fourteen Dates by sakura haru (completed)
  6. A Poor Imitation by leafygirl (completed)
  7. Christmas Confessions by Cynchick (one-shot, completed)
  8. Respect and Understanding by ronny-of-yore (completed)
  9. The Ronin and the Queen by leafygirl (completed)
  10. A Lesson in Chemistry by leafygirl (AU, completed)
  11. Welcome Home by Wonderfoal (one-shot, completed)
  12. The Nature of the Game by leafygirl (completed)
  13. Exposure to Fire by CelestialCircumference (one-shot, completed)
  14. The Samurai and the Oni Girl by nmmi-nut (AU, incomplete)
  15. Simple Things by Caitiy (incomplete)
  16. Scarlet Scroll by SilverShine (incomplete)

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