What defines Arashi?

After being a fangirl for over 3+ years, this was definitely not a hard one to answer. There are so many elements which defines Arashi who they are — their friendship, personality, dedication, perseverance and diversity.

Arashi’s bond and close-knit are extremely rare among bands now-in-days. They genuinely care and enjoy spending time for one another…with so much love and respect, utterly pure friendship. I truly love the fact they are the best of friends (more like brothers), willingness to share the same spotlight and appreciate one another. Their natural chemistry and unity can be seen especially during their performances and singing.

Another aspect of Arashi is their unique personalities. Five different individuals with five different charisma, this what makes them so special. Their caring, generous and down-to-earth nature makes them a lovable and wholesome group; they are guys that you would like to hang out and chat with. The fusion of Riida’s tranquility, Sho-kun’s intelligence, Aiba-chan’s tenderhearted, Nino’s mischievousness and Jun-kun’s seriousness creates a vibrant and beautiful pentagon.

Arashi’s utmost dedication and perseverance contribute to their continuous success. Their years of struggles and overcoming many obstacles truly showcases their hardwork, I applauded them for their commitment, patience, and endurance. I love how the boys have matured together in the last 12 years, they are quite inspiring and amazing.

Diversity also defines Arashi, I do not recall any other band that provides such variety and color. We have Oh-chan who is an artist; Sho-kun is a newscaster and writes his own rap lyrics; Aiba works as a part-time zookeeper for a variety show; Nino is a professional magician and Jun-kun is a talented actor. This is only alongside of their variety show hosting and MCs. Arashi is an extremely well-rounded and exceptional group. Due to their solo works, each member stands out as an individual as opposed to other bands. In most cases, there is only one or two members become popular while the rest fade into the background.

Arashi is truly an astounding group of five who brings smiles and energy, as well as, amazing songs, performances, variety shows and drama.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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